Pick a 400 – Yamaha FZR400RR or Suzuki GSX-R 400

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A seller in Springville, Utah has got a couple of Japanese 400s that are rarely found in the US – a 1990 Suzuki GSX-R 400 and a 1992 Yamaha FZR400RR. Both bikes rev to at least 14,000 rpm and would be an unique way to carve some corners. Which would you pick?

Let’s start with the Suzuki. Initially released in 1984, the GSX-R was lighter but slower than the 400cc competition from Yamaha and Honda. The 398cc liquid-cooled inline 4 motor was good for 59 horsepower. For more on the mid-sized Zook, check out this article on Visor Down. They sum it up by saying it’s “hard to like, or indeed recommend” and suggest that it’s really just for GSX-R nuts.

This example (VIN: GK73A-109791XXXXX) has 12,090 miles and it’s claimed to be a 1990 but several sources show the bike got a redesign in 1990 and this looks like a previous generation. Regardless, this bike looks good except for a dent in the fuel tank and a right front blinker mount that needs to be replaced. It’s said to run perfectly with a Utah title – enjoy it as is or start a cosmetic restoration.

Find it with bidding up to $3,050 and the reserve not yet met

Now, the Yamaha (which would be my choice). It has to be good because there’s three “R”s in the model name, right? These were offered between 1986 and 1994, making this one of the later examples. For more, check out this review on MCN – they say it was overshadowed by Honda’s efforts but it “attracted hooligans by the bucket load” because of the high-revving motor and excellent handling. The liquid-cooled inline four was good for 64 horsepower at the rear wheel, but like all of these 400cc bikes you’d have to rev to the moon to get near that number.

This example (VIN: 3TJ114950XXXXXXXX) has 2,276 miles and it’s said to be in “almost perfect condition.” There’s a couple of minor cosmetic flaws (and I really think the solid black paint scheme does not do the bodywork any favors) but it looks to be in very good shape. The seller says it’s 100% original and it comes with a Utah title for street use. Find it with bidding up to $3,000 and the reserve not yet met

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