Pick One – Storz Street Tracker Harleys

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Storz Performance make some awesome parts and conversion kits. Both of the two Storz examples have been fitted with their XR1200 conversion kit which not only looks pretty snazzy but also cranks up the Harleys performance while shaving off a total of 83lbs. Highlights of the kit include an aluminum tank, fiberglass tail-section, side-covers and rear-fender, a wider rear-tire, actual rearsets, a BUB XR-style exhaust, inverted forks, and new brakes and rotors. Though each part of the kit can be purchased separately, the sum of all of the Storz components make for what is a much more impressive performance from the American machine.

The Ventura, California-based Storz Performance has been operating since 1980. Steve Storz – the Storz of Storz Performance – spent three years in the 1970’s as a racing mechanic for the Harley-Davidson factory dirt track team. As a result, the tuning services, aftermarket parts and full on conversation kits (like their XR1200 conversion kit on these examples) offered by the Southern California shop are all of an incredibly high pedigree. A quote from Steve on the shop’s website reads: “Racing does not tolerate the imprecise nor does it reward those who place style before function. The work ethic of racing is woven into everything we produce here at Storz Performance.” A noteworthy offering of theirs is a Ceriani X Storz fork which was used in Dennis Manning’s BUB Streamliner to clock his September ’06 land-speed record of 350.88mph.

The first of the two custom Storz Street Tracker examples is from 2005 and has only 2000 miles on its odometer. This example wears bright orange paint digs with juxtaposing dark blue airbrushed sections on the tank and tail and well as black sections on the tail’s sides. The Harley-Davidson-lettering on the tank is a slightly lighter (albeit it could just be the angle or lighting) but nonetheless matching airbrushed or foiled blue that are closer to the color of the bike’s electric blue rims. The exhaust on this example is a chrome tracker-style unit and seat is made from some type of textured material. This 12-year-old bike’s condition is flawless.

The other example is a black 2006 Storz Street Tracker with a tracker-style (what appears to be made from) aluminum exhaust. Other than the engine, exhaust, and fork – and tank which sports some exposed aluminum – everything has been blacked out, contrasting well with the aforementioned bare metal and dark metallic grey stripe painted on the seat and tank. From the photos the bike looks to be showroom clean (it’s in a showroom after all…) despite its having 4,000 miles on the odo. The seller says over $30,000 went into this build and with so few miles, this is actually a pretty great chance to get a really competent custom Harley (or two) complete with one-off paint job and complete Storz kit for a relatively good price.

In addition to the two Harley-Davidson examples, there is also a Storz Ducati/Sportster based custom. Though Storz Performance’s bread and butter appears to be Harley’s the the 37-year-old shop also manufacturers and sells parts for Buells, (obviously) Ducati’s, and Japanese bikes. The add indicates the Ducati example is over 1,000cc’s and that it’s from 2006 but that’s literally all the information provided aside from the bike’s price and location. Perhaps someone in the comments could identify what Ducati parts are used on this build.

The seller does say multiple-bike purchase discounts are available for anyone looking to bag more than one of these examples. You can find the black 2006 Storz Street Tracker for in Los Angeles, California with a price of $19,000 on craigslist and $15,000 on the Moto Attic site. The orange 2005 Storz Street Track is also for sale on craigslist in Los Angeles at the Moto Attic where again it’s $19k on craigslist but $15k on the Moto Attic site. The Ducati custom is for sale at the Moto Attic for $18,000.

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