Purpose Built Supermono Racer – 2017 Kramer Motorcycles HKR Evo2

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The current version of Kramer Motorcycles was created in 2009 by Marcus Kramer and two co-founders – I say “current” because a few decades ago a gentleman named Adolph Kramer partnered with Maico to build a limited production run of off-road race bikes. The new Kramers are built to compete in Supermono racing in Europe, and if I’m allowed to oversimplify, the bikes are basically a combination of KTM and bespoke parts that come together to form an impressive purpose-built machine. Zack Courts called it “a stellar machine, worthy of praise and worth your best effort on a racetrack.”

For more on the Kramer, check out the rest of Zack’s First Ride review on Motorcyclist. But the quick summary is that it uses a KTM 690 motor, modified RC8 suspension, Translogic quickshifter, and an Akrapovic muffler. Kramer has the frame, swingarm, subframe, and bodywork specially built – the tank is very cool as it also functions as the seat and subframe! Quick hit: it makes 80 horsepower and weighs just 280 pounds.

This example is the last remaining new HKR Evo2, which was originally used for display purposes. While it’s got a few nicks from being transported around, it has never been ridden. This is a top of the line R model (slight power bump, forged wheels, better brakes) that also features carbon fiber bodywork/swingarm covers, a custom orange frame, OZ Racing magnesium wheels, frame sliders, front fork sliders, and more.

In Zack’s article, he has a video walkthrough that quickly covers the important features. Unfortunately, there isn’t much in the way of actual riding action in this one:

The original MSRP for this R spec with the upgrades was $29,800, but you can now snag this for $24,000. For more information or to get yourself a dedicated race bike, you should reach out to Joe Karvonen at joe@kramermotorcyclesusa.com. If Joe’s name sounds familiar, it might be because he’s the guy behind Sisufab and I’ve featured one of his builds before.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by David N!

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