Raced at Daytona – 1975 Yamaha TZ750-B

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12-4-17 Update: Over a year and a half later, this TZ750 is back up for sale. Since that time, it looks like the only change has been the removal of the CycleWak.com sticker from the fairing. Find it with an unmet opening bid of $38,500

Post Listing Update: This TZ got no interest at the asking price of $45,000.

According to the seller, C&J built four special monoshock Yamaha TZ frames for Erv Kanemoto’s race team for competition in the mid 70s. This example competed in the Daytona 200 in ’76 and ’77 – the first time around it placed in the money thanks to the riding of Cory Ruppelt.

Yamaha TZ750B - C&J Frame - On Track

The bike then spent about 30 years on display until it was recently given an engine rebuild to become race ready again. The rebuilt motor has just 1 hour of track time on it and it’s just been given a tear-down inspection. The seller claims that the bike is near exactly how it was when it was raced in the 70s – original bodywork/paint with a Vesco fairing, Morris mags, Lockheed front calipers, and crossovers. Newer components include a D.I.D. chain, Boysen reeds, and KR series Dunlop race tires.

Yamaha TZ750B - C&J Frame - Left Side Naked

Find this TZ for sale in Fayetteville, Arkansas with an unmet opening bid of $45,000

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