Rare in the US – 1972 Honda CB50

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Post Sale Update: This CB50 sold for $2,025 after 63 bids on eBay.

When Honda introduced the CB50 in 1971, they initially sold it just in Japan. 7 years later it expanded into Europe and in was detuned in several markets so that it could be sold as a moped for access to younger riders. But the early models with 5-speed transmissions, derestricted engines (6 horsepower) and drum brakes are the valuable ones in the eyes of collectors…so here you go!

The bike weighs just 163 pounds, and while styling is subjective, I like the way this looks. Peak power was hit at 10,500 revolutions per minute. This example shows 3,445 miles and everything is said to work. As expected, there’s cosmetic wear – particularly chrome discoloration – but it looks pretty good considering many small bikes get trashed as learner bikes or cheap commuters.

Find this CB50 for sale in Murfreesboro, Tennesse with bidding up to $976 and the reserve not yet met

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