Running the MotoGiro, Part 3.5

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Over the last few months, I’ve been sharing the tale of reader Jim R and his buddies as they prepared for a MotoGiro in North Carolina. The event is over and I’ll let you know how it went once Jim has some time to get his report together as “Part 4”, but for now I want to share an alternate perspective from someone I owe an apology to (more on that in a minute).

I’ve featured the work of Greg Shamieh in the past – his site (Rolling Physics Problem) is full of entertaining stories as he’s a very talented writer. When I shared Part 1 of this story, I mentioned that I would be flying out to cover the event myself. Greg lives about 450 miles away from the event and he thought it’d be a great excuse for us to meet in person and talk bikes over some beers. I agreed!

Long story short, a few days before I was supposed to fly out, I had an opportunity come up and I had to make a difficult decision. I ended up flaking on Greg and Jim and for that I truly apologize. They were both more understanding than I deserved, and I greatly appreciate it.

Here’s Greg’s take on the weekend – he had some entertaining (at least for us readers) challenges to fight through:
Part 1
Part 2

Cover photo from Rolling Physics Problem – the LT that Greg rode in the above story is on the left!

As for me and why I couldn’t make the Moto Giro, you’ll be able to read the story in the new issue of Motorcyclist Magazine. Yours truly is the gangly one on the left:

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