Running the MotoGiro, Part 3

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Editor’s Note: As a reminder – reader Jim R is going to be participating in an upcoming Moto Giro in May. He volunteered to share the experience of preparing for the ride and I took him up on it because I knew a lot of you would love to learn more about what a MotoGiro is and what’s required to get ready for one. Missed Part 2? Read it here.

Running the MotoGiro
Part 3 – Testing, Teething, and Seething

The preparation is finished so it’s time for a test ride to simulate North Carolina’s mountain roads. Steve picked a classic Richmond ride: out route 5 (the plantation trail), across the James River at Jordan Point, then back on route 10. We commonly refer to it as the ‘Five and Dime’, and it’s a well-used loop for riding, testing, and perhaps general hooligan behavior.

We met at Steve’s shop and….

…away we go!

In the military, they say “confidence is high”, and that was the mood. 75 degree day and three old guys on vintage bikes…it does not get much better than that….

Aside from some fueling issues, we determined the range (and reserve) for the little Kawasaki’s. It was a blast cruising along at 50 miles per hour with all of us riding as a team for the first time. I had no doubt it would be like that, as Steve and Mark are solid riders, I’m really the loose cannon here…but hey, as the “kid” at 51 years of age, I will take the verbal abuse.

Mark insisted on a glamour shot…I insisted we had no glamour, but here’s the team in all it’s glory.

Here’s the real glamour…such a jewel like machine:

Mark is ready to ride, note his “race face” on full display. He is an intimidating character.

I wanted to use period WW1 Richmond dispatch rider masks as a team uniform, but was voted down because it was “too intimidating”.

Right now, Steve is in Europe for a family gathering, Mark is Texas working, and I’m across the country delivering and picking up bikes. Bonus points if you can tell me where on my trip I was in the presence of the Fonzie Triumph. It’s official now, I’ve “jumped the shark.”

Stay tuned for reports from the North Carolina MotoGiro on May 12, 13, and 14!

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