Street Legal – 1997 Honda Dream 50 AC15

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Post Listing Update: This Dream did not meet reserve despite 45 bids up to $6,701.99.

The few American riders that are familiar with the Honda Dream have typically only seen the race-only Dream 50R that was officially imported to the US in 2004. But back in 1997, Honda created a street-legal Dream 50 that was only sold in Japan. This is one of the very few that have made their way across the Pacific.

The seller does an excellent job telling the story of this bike (VIN: AC151000788) so you should definitely take a peek at the listing. But the quick version is that this bike was somehow snuck into the US and then sold in 2015 by a dealership in Dallas, Texas. The buyer then revamped the drivetrain with a Takegawa 89cc kit/ignition, Yoshimura exhaust, plus some parts from the 50R to create a motor that produced 12 horsepower at the rear wheel (compare to 7.5 for the 50R). With that said, over time the motor was detuned to be more streetable.

Find this street legal Dream for sale in Spring Valley, California with bidding up to $2,222 and the reserve not yet met or a BIN of $8,500

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