Suggestions for Mexico?

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This weekend, Spurgeon from RevZilla and I will take off from Los Angeles on our way to Cabo. I’ve sort of done this trip before on a R1100S, but this time around I’ll be on a R1200GS – opening up the possibility of some dirt. So I turn to you, my loyal reader: what should I see? Who should I meet? Got any suggestions from your trips down the Baja peninsula?

We’ll be taking 6 days to cover the peninsula, so we shouldn’t have to rush too much and I’m hoping to enjoy the sights…but we can’t dawdle too much as the sun still sets early and I really try to avoid riding at night in Baja. I’m still recovering from surgery (more on that later) and the bikes won’t have knobbies, so we’ll be keeping the off-roading to double track and staying away from sand. But we’ll still find a way to get in trouble, I’m sure. Can you help us be silly by recommending fun things/food/drinks/people?

Thanks in advance!

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