Time Capsule – 1984 Honda V65 Sabre With 681 Miles

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In America, more is better. So, if Honda’s successful VF750 Magna and Sabre were good, then a big block version would be better, right?

In the early eighties, displacements were growing with 1100cc regarded as top dog in all the street classes; sport, touring, cruisers and “standards,” as they were known. In 1984 Honda joined the fray with this bike, a 1,098cc (65 cubic-inch) V4 with some 100 hp (at the wheel), shaft drive, a 60-pound weight gain over the V45 and somewhat heavy, ponderous handling characteristics. The V65 Sabre would stay in Honda’s lineup for only two years.

Our seller claims to be the second owner of this exceptionally low mileage example. It appears to be in complete and original condition and the seller indicates it’s in need of some deferred maintenance to put it back on the road. Typical V65 values hover around half of the asking price, though this example isn’t exactly typical. Find this well-toned muscle bike with a buy-it-now of $5,500

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