The Other Triumph – 1953 Triumph TWN Cornet

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OK, this is going to need a little bit of an explanation, because most people think Triumph is an English motorcycle company. They’d be right, but they might not realize that the company was started as a bicycle manufacturer by a German named Siegfried Bettman in 1886. A decade later, Bettman created another bicycle company in his hometown of Nuremberg – he called it the German Triumph Cycle Company. 7 years later, the German Triumph started making motorcycles.

Triumph TWN Cornet - Gauges

After World War I, the German Triumph was rebranded Triumph Werke Nuremberg (TWN) , and though the companies were independent, TWN occasionally used “real” Triumph engines. One of their more common motorcycles was the Triumph TWN Cornet, which featured a 2 stroke twingle (two-piston, single cylinder) and 12 volt electric start. For a little bit more on TWN, head on over to this write-up from Motorcycle Classics.

Triumph TWN Cornet - Rear

This specific Triumph TWN Cornet has just 633 miles. It runs but will need some restoration and a battery. It will also come with the booklet and original took kit.

Triumph TWN Cornet - Left Side

Find this Triumph TWN Cornet for sale here on Craigslist in Lords Valley, Florida for $4,500.

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