Unexpected Flat Tracker – 1956 Indian Woodsman/Tomahawk

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Between 1955 and 1960, Indians sold in the US were actually re-branded Royal Enfields. It was the idea of an English company called Brockhouse Engineering (you may remember that they created the adorable Corgi) who owned the Indian trademark at the time. They thought they could capitalize on the goodwill of the Indian brand by selling some Brit bikes, and in ’56 they had four models varying from 250c to 700cc. There were two 500cc models – the Tomahawk and the Woodsman (street and enduro, respectively).

The Woodsman featured the 499cc OHV single motor from a Royal Enfield bullet with an Indian badge over the timing cover. A high pipe, 2.4 gallon fuel tank, 21″ front tire, and knobby tires were all utilized for off-road conquests. For a full list of the Royal Enfield-Indian hybrids (as well as a whole bunch of photos), check out this site dedicated to the interesting combination.

This example (VIN: FDA1271) may actually be the Tomahawk, considering the header shape and front wheel size. But either way, it doesn’t matter because it’s been stripped down to a flat tracker. The seller has had it for approximately 20 years, and he rebuilt the motor 5 years into his ownership. He’s had both of his knees replaced and can’t kick the motor over any more. Find this Indian for sale in Rio Rancho, New Mexico for $6,000 here on Craigslist.

This bike-uriousity brought to you by Rene L!

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