Unexpected Flat Tracker – 1962 Ducati Diana 250

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Post Listing Update: This Diana flat tracker did not meet reserve with 19 bids up to $3,050.

According to the seller, this Ducati Diana was at one point a dirt track racer – though there’s unfortunately no proof of it in the listing. How awesome would it be to see some vintage photos of this thing sliding around? It has spent the last decade on display in a museum, and the seller says before it was stuck in show mode that he or she ‘restored it to its racing glory’. This would definitely turn some heads at a vintage flat track event!

As part of the restoration, this bike (VIN: 7519134765) got a lot of work. The frame was powdercoated, the bodywork was repainted, and the exhaust was ceramic coated. It features S&W (the predecessor to Progressive Suspension) shocks, a Mikuni carb, Tomaselli clutch lever and a custom manifold. To help with flat track duties, the shifter and brake levers are both on the right side.

Find this Diana for sale in Spokane, Washington with bidding up to $2,025 and the reserve not yet met

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