Video Intermission – Allen Millyard’s V-Twin Hondas

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Allen Millyard has built all kinds of cool things in the past, like a motorcycle powered by the V-10 engine from a Dodge Viper, a V-12 made up of two Kawasaki KZ1300 powerplants, or the Flying Millyard, a bike with a 5,000cc V-Twin using two cylinders from a Pratt and Whitney 1340 radial engine. But my favorite contraption out of his crazy mind has to be the little v-twins he makes out of even littler Honda engines. I can’t believe how cool this thing sounds.

Here’s his “SS100”, which was built to compete at the Salon Privé Concours d’Elégance in London in 2012. It won “Biggest Wow Factor”.

Here’s the first test run of that powerplant:

Why am I bringing up all this now? Because a couple of weeks ago, he revealed his newest creation – the “SS180”. It started as a ’75 Honda C90 and is now capable of hitting 80 miles per hour. God bless this man.

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