Video Intermission – Hagerty Redline Rebuild

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You know Hagerty for their insurance products (probably specifically for classic motorcycles), but I was surprised to find that they also create a whole bunch of original content as well. One of their shows is called Redline Rebuild, where they show the rebuild of a vehicle (usually a car) with a timelapse. The most recent episode is of a custom build with a ’57 Sportster Ironhead motor, and I think it’s fun to watch this bike come together.

If you’re like me and you really enjoy how the timelapse depicts the build process, here’s Part 1, which is mainly focused on the rebuild of the motor itself:

There are other “Redline Rebuild” videos, though they’re automotive-related. If you’re interested in checking them out you can click here.

Full Disclosure: As you may have noticed if you subscribe to our daily email , Hagerty recently supported Bike-urious via an advertisement in the Daily Digest. That has nothing to do with this – I’m just sharing it because it’s cool, but I figured you should know! Either way, please considering supporting companies who support Bike-urious.

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