Video Intermission – The Black Falcon

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In Paul D’Orleans’ words, The Black Falcon is “the most revered custom motorcycle in recent history.” It was released to a decent amount of fanfare 6 years ago, but with a recent video Paul has been able to capture some details that the public never got to truly understand. So here’s your chance to check out some of the nitty-gritty that makes this bike so special. No dialogue, no filler. Just a dash of music and a lot of mechanical ingenuity.

For what it’s worth, I actually prefer Barry’s Kestrel build over The Black Falcon. But who am I to disagree with Paul? For more information on the “Black”, head on over to Ian Barry’s site. Whether or not you click on that link, hit play below to enjoy. There’s a lot to love about this build and this video does a great job showing aspects that you could easily miss if you were just looking at photos or even if you saw it in person. The amount of adjustability without tools is simply stunning. Just don’t expect any riding footage.

Completely unrelated – if you’re more of a Key and Peele fan than a motorcycle fan, then The Black Falcon means something completely different to you:

Cover photo from Ian Barry

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