In Australia, Never Ridden – 1996 Yamaha YZ80, YZ125, and YZ250

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Post Sale Update:

The 80 sold for $4,900 after 2 bids.
The 125 sold for $7,700 after 2 bids.
The 250 sold for $11,570 after 10 bids.

All new above-the-axles for 1996, the Yamaha YZ125 was a game-changer for Yamaha. For a decade, their 125cc MX bike was uncompetitive to put it mildly. But the refresh changed everything – it was immediately named Bike of the Year by Motocross Action Magazine, and the next year it won Dirt Bike’s 125cc shootout (and would continue to do so for over two decades). In a 2015 recap of the model, Dirt Bike said that “used YZ125s are the best value in the dirt bike world.” That may not apply to this example, as it’s never been ridden Even better, the seller has never-ridden examples of the YZ80 and YZ250 as well!

For more on what made the 1996 model special, check out this “Classic Steel” on PulpMX: “In 1996, Yamaha jettisoned two decades of 125 misery and mediocrity in one fell swoop. The new YZ125 romped on the competition with a killer motor, cutting edge looks and confidence inspiring handling. It was the best bike of 1996 and the progenitor of a decade of blue domination of the 125 class.

But today you can get a trio and replicate a Yamaha dealership back in 1996! All three bikes are for sale in Clyde, VIC, Australia. Find the:

80 with an unmet opening bid of $4,900 here on eBay.

125 with an unmet opening bid of $7,500 here on eBay.

250 with an unmet opening bid of $7,900 here on eBay.

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