The Woody Bike

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2-6 Update: The Woody Bike is back up for sale with a much more realistic asking price of $25,000 (down from $73k) here on Craigslist.

Built by Intense Creations (careful, that site might give you a headache), “The Woody Bike” is an unique custom that won multiple awards when it was built in 2006.

The Woody Bike - Left Side

Said awards include 1st place at the 2006 Havasu Biker Build Off, 1st Place at the 2007 Easy Rider Competition, and a few more. If you believe the sellers, the bike was appraised at $200k and they turned down several offers between $130-$150k. So now it’s a steal!

The Woody Bike - Award Winner

The bike was featured on the Speed Channel show American Thunder, and I can’t dispute the seller’s claim that ‘it’s one of the rarest show bikes you may ever see’. The frame is a Soft Tail Kraft Tech unit that’s been shaped and painted to look like bamboo. That surrounds a 96ci Ultima Racing engine that’s mated to a Baker 6 speed tranny. An Edelbrock nitrous system has a hand carved nitrous bottle made from wood! All of the wood is either maple or mahogany, and it’s not explicitly clear if the trailer is included. What do you think about this bike – interesting custom or something you never hope to see again?

Find The Woody Bike for sale for $73,000 in Santee, California here on Craigslist.

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