1950 Cushman Eagle

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Started in 1903, incorporated in 1913 in Lincoln, Nebraska, Cushman Motor Works built motors principally for farm and industrial applications. In 1922 they introduced a four stroke overhead valve single cylinder motor famously known as the Husky. In 1936 they brought out their first scooter in an effort to sell more Husky motors in the teeth of the Great Depression.

During WWII Cushman built a series of scooters for the US military. A folding scooter used by airborne troops were dropped by parachute and a solid frame scooter that was used as a delivery vehicle. By the end of the war Cushman had sold the military over 5,000 scooters and 8,500,000 bomb fuses.

Between the end of the war and 1951 a bewildering array of 19 models were introduced by Cushman, one of which was the Eagle. The Eagle boasted a top tank and the look of a Harley Davidson or Indian of the time. It would become Cushman’s most successful model.

The 1950 Cushman Eagle featured a 318 CC (19.4 CID) air cooled four stroke overhead valve single cylinder (Husky) motor that made 8 HP. With expanding drum brakes on both ends, a spring link front suspension and rigid rear and a two speed transmission with a single seat the Eagle was good for 50 MPH.

This particular 1950 Cushman Husky Eagle is in Fairfax, Virginia and is listed as in ‘very good original condition’. The listing is very short, there is not a mention of running condition. It does look like a very stock 1950 Eagle, except for the exhaust system and seat. The bike has a Buy It Now price of $3,950

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