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1967 Fuji Rabbit 90 S-202

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Japan’s first scooter was built in 1946 by Fuji. Called the Rabbit S-1, it was released six months before Vespa’s first model. The Rabbit was the name given to Fuji’s scooter lineup, and it ranged from the top-of-the-line Superflow down to the S-202 which was later introduced as an entry-level offering for those who just needed cheap transportation.

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703 Miles – 1989 Honda XL600V Transalp

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When Honda brought the XL600V over from Europe in 1989, America wasn’t ready. The 583cc V-twin adventure bike was more capable than anyone could have imagined. Many news outlets noted its biggest limiting factor was the tires of the time. Twin spark heads and a 450lb weight offered agility on the road, while full fairings looked the part. Meanwhile, long …

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XR650R Custom – 2013 Deus “Boodaak”

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Back in 2013/2014, Deus’ Michael “Woolie” Woolaway built a pair of café’d Honda super singles, with the project fittingly dubbed, the “Sibling Rivalry”. Named “Dakdaak” — which was powered by a CRF450X mill — and “Boodaak” — propelled by an HRC Johnny Campbell-spec XR650R engine with oversized valves and a Carrillo rod — the road-legal thumpers’ monikers were derived from …

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2009 Suzuki SV650

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The Suzuki SV650 is like the modern day Honda CB750. 700cc standard bikes are common these days, but 10 years ago the choices were limited to the Ducati Monster and the Suzuki SV650. Suzuki’s 645cc V-twin has since been written in trackday folklore, eventually becoming stuck in time itself as the market made their preferences clear. The bike has barely …

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1984 Suzuki GS1150EF

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Suzuki didn’t start producing 4 stroke engines until 1976 when they released their first GS model, the 750. Before that, the company strictly made two-stroke machinery, and were the last of the Japanese manufacturers to begin producing 4-stroke engines. They patterned, a nice way of saying borrowed, their 4-cylinder engine from Kawasaki, more specifically the Z1 900. Kawasaki separated themselves …

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Somehow Street Legal – 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2R

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4-18-2019 Update: A year later, this H2R is back up for sale with a $5,000 discount. Find it with a BIN of $54,500 here on eBay. Post Listing Update: This crazy H2R did not get any interest at the BIN of $59,500. Introduced in 2015, the Kawasaki Ninja H2R was an absolute revelation – 300 claimed horsepower thanks to a …

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2000 Suzuki SV650

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Has there ever been a more universally loved bike that the Suzuki SV650? The more I immerse myself into the motorcycling community, I really wonder. This is all subjective of course, but there really isn’t a lot to complain about with the SV. It came along and dominated the mid-sized bike market in 1999. Even if you don’t love it, …

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2007 Honda VFR800 Anniversary Edition

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Honda engineers started down the path to produce a V4 motorcycle engine in 1978 to compete against two stoke race bikes of the time. Soichiro Honda didn’t like two stroke engines and didn’t want to race them. He was passionate about maximizing 4-stroke technology. He wanted a 4 stroke that could compete. The engineers eventually produced the NR500 race bike. …

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Not Stock – 1983 Honda CB1100F by Randakk

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I’ve shared a couple of Randakk’s custom Honda builds in the past, such as this supercharged CBX and this supercharged GL1000. But today’s feature is a highly customized CB1100F, which pairs nicely with the stock example just shared a few minutes ago. Current bidding is within a few hundred bucks and the listings end within a few hours of each …

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2007 Yamaha FJR1300

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Why do we like some brands more than others? I feel like I’m an equal opportunity gearhead: I’d happily ride a Ducati, or a Triumph for example. They’re both great manufacturers that do different things extremely well. But if you made me choose, I think I’d pick a Triumph. Why? I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I’ve owned …