59 Miles – 1970 Honda CT70

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At first I was going to whine that this bike was priced absurdly high and that I was losing touch with how expensive older motorcycles were getting. Then I saw the mileage and how pristine this was, and…the pricing became a little bit easier to swallow.

Honda CT70 - Rear Right

The Honda CT70, known as the Dax in Europe, got 6 horsepower from its diminutive engine, which was good for a top speed of about 50 miles per hour. Power was fed through a 3 speed gearbox, and the whole thing weighed just 143 pounds. As you might expect, fuel mileage was good – you could easily get 90 mpg. For more information, head on over to CT70Honda.com.

Honda CT70 - Gauges

This specific Honda CT70 (VIN: CT70160805) has just 59 miles and comes with the original manual, application for title, service history warranty card, and all kinds of paperwork that is nearly impossible to find with the purchase of a CT70 nowadays. You’ll also get 2 original keys and the factory tool kit in “near new condition.” The seller has started the bike once and ridden it half a mile, during which it was claimed to run ‘as intended’. It still has the original Trail Wing tires on it! The seller goes into detail about the condition of individual pieces, and concludes that would be difficult to find a “nicer original example of a CT70.” I’m inclined to agree.

Honda CT70 - Left Side

Find this pristine Honda CT70 for sale in Thousand Oaks, California with bidding up to $6,100 and the reserve not yet met