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Not a Sidecar – 2003 Ural Wolf

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Post Listing Update: This Wolf did not meet reserve with 21 bids up to $1,136. Ural is best known for their sidecars, but over the years they also offered three main solo models – the Solo sT, the Retro Solo, and the Wolf. The Wolf was Ural’s take on a chopper, and it was apparently built in partnership with a …

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2005 Ural Troyka

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Seeing as I’m setting off on a Ural today, here’s a special Ural for sale. Troyka is Russian for “3-horse carriage”, which is why Ural bestowed the name on their luxury version of the Tourist. For Ural, luxury meant telescopic forks, chrome wire wheels, two-tone paint, and a deluxe sidecar.

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PMZ-A-750 (ПМЗ-А-750)

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Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago, I discovered a gentleman named Monty Myrtle. His story is very cool – and I’m going to try to get him to do an interview soon. But for now, you need to know he’s an American ex-pat that’s currently in Kiev, Ukraine. When he’s not working, he’s busy exploring the area on two wheels …

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1981 Honda CB750F with Sputnik Sidecar

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2-18-16 Update: Almost a year and a half later, this interesting hack is back up for sale. Now it’s in Playa del Rey with the same asking price ($4,500) here on Craigslist. Originally built by Mike Braverman of Dual Sport Sidecars out of Sylmar, CA, this is a Honda CB750F with Sputnik Sidecar that the seller says will be the …

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2011 Hammarhead Solo X

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Based on the Ural sT, the Solo X was a custom that you could order from James Loughead, the man behind Hammarhead Industries. Suggested price was $12,500. This example is claimed to have been built for Ewan McGregor, and it has just 200 miles.

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Limited Edition – 2015 Ural Dark Force

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Yesterday’s post about the Jawa clearly went overboard with the Star Wars references. Ural has also gone overboard, thanks to a limited edition model called the Dark Force. Just 25 units are on offer, though it doesn’t look to be much more than a standard Ural hack with fancy paint…and a lightsaber.

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Reader Ride – 1995 Ural Solo

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6-27 Update: 8 months later, it looks like this bike is now available here on Craigslist for $3,450 in Oaks, Pennsylvania. Post-Sale Update: This Ural Solo sold for an unknown amount off of eBay. When I say Ural, it’s difficult not to think of the motorcycle/sidecar combo. But they also offer the motorcycle by itself (called the Ural Solo), and …

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Buy a Ural, Get a Royal Enfield Free

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Well here’s a deal you don’t see very often. Raceway Ural/Royal Enfield of Salem, Oregon has a 2013 Royal Enfield C5 in Desert Storm that has been taking up floor space for over a year (or probably more) and they’re looking to get rid of it. Their oddball idea? Buy a brand new Ural Gear-Up in the sweet white Urban …