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1978 Cosmo Colt

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Cosmopolitan Motors of Hatboro, Pennsylvania closed down earlier this decade, but for a while they had claim to the title of America’s oldest motorcycle distributor. Back in their heyday you could stop by and find bikes from a wide range of smaller Italian manufacturers – many Parillas, Benellis, Capriolos, Garellis, Betas, (and more) featured here on Bike-urious were originally sold …

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1947 LaRay Power Cycle

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LaRay Engineering and Equipment Company was a short-lived American manufacturer based in Milwaukee. LaRay’s only model, the Power Cycle, was built for only one year supposedly somewhere between ’46 and ’48. A reported 2,500 units left the Wisconsin factory prior to the IRS shutting La Ray down for unpaid back taxes.

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1981 Honda Gorilla

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If you’ve been following this site for a while, you’re more than familiar with the Honda Monkey. But did you know that starting in 1978, Honda made a bigger brother called the Gorilla? There were no folding-to-fit-in-a-trunk pretensions, it was just a small motorcycle with an excellent name! They’re incredibly difficult to find in the US, but here’s one waiting …

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1 of 22 – 1971 Speedway Silver Shadow

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For many minibike collectors, the Silver Shadow is the Holy Grail. Speedway called it the world’s fastest mini-cycle thanks to a 12.5 horsepower Sachs 2-stroke motor and a weight of just 147 pounds. It’s also incredibly rare (I’ve seen estimates that just 22 were built), which means it can be surprisingly valuable – I’ve featured one in the past that …

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1988 Yamaha YSR50

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Post Listing Update: This baby YSR did not meet reserve despite 19 bids up to $2,900 on eBay in Longboat Key, Florida. Built to look like a mini RZ500, the YSR50 also featured mini performance. The 49.3cc two-stroke engine was capable of pushing the bike up to 38 miles per hour, but companies like Team Calamari have been making stock …

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2004 Honda CB50R Dream

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Honda has always been one of the world’s best at sub-100cc bikes, from commuter bikes for the people to full on works racers. In 2004, Honda released just 440 copies of one of the best 49cc bikes ever made – the Honda CB50R, otherwise known as the Dream. Built as a replica of the 1962 RC110, it’s considered by some …

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1971 Honda SL70

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One of Honda’s many popular small displacement trail bikes of the 70s, the SL70 features a 72cc engine and a four-speed transmission. It was very successful with young riders who were learning how to ride dirt and motocross. It was introduced in 1970 but in 1974 it evolved into the XL70 as the ’73 XR75 was a better option for …