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1935 Victoria V98L

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Post Listing Update: This Victoria did not meet reserve despite 46 bids up to $3,300 on eBay. Founded in 1886 as a bicycle manufacturer, Victoria produced motorcycles from 1901 through 1968. In the beginning, they used third party motors, but they produced engines in-house starting in 1923 – though this 98L uses a 125cc Fichtel & Sachs powerplant.

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1964 DKW Hummel 115

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Post Sale Update: This DKW – sold for $8,700 after 22 bids on eBay. In the early 1960s, Zweirad Union was comprised of DKW, Victoria, and Express. The first two companies shared a model that was boringly named either the DKW Type 115 or the Victoria Type 155. Both bikes got a much more interesting nickname from the public: the …

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Japanese American Mini Trail – 1977 Hodaka Dirt Squirt 80

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Hodaka Motorcycles first started as a producer of engines before later joining forces with another existing outfit and going on to build complete bikes. The Japanese (and American joint) firm capitalized on the influx in popularity of small displacement trail bikes — a phenomenon due largely thanks to Honda’s wares and marketing. Hodaka’s philosophy was that riding should be affordable/accessible, …

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1964 Fuji Go-Devil

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Post Sale Update: This Go-Devil sold for $1,600 after 22 bids on eBay. Built between 1964-1967, the Go-Devil was one of the nicest minibikes available at the time thanks to a 50cc 2-stroke Fuji motor, swing-arm suspension, front forks with 30 degrees of rake, and good build quality. It also folded up into a storage bag. One of my biggest …

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1974 Kawasaki MT-1B

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Post Sale Update: This MT-1B sold for $2,381 after 65 bids on eBay. If you want a tiny off-road playbike but you want something less common than the Honda Monkey/Mini Trail, then meet the Kawasaki MT-1. Introduced in 1971, it stayed in production until 1974 and was then renamed the KV75 in 1975. Unlike the Honda, the Kawasaki features a …