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2009 Buell XB12XP Ulysses Police

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For years, Harley-Davidson dominated the American police cruiser market. Though BMW, Kawasaki, and other manufacturers are now also making motorcycles you’re constantly scanning for when you’re on the road, Harley also offered a police variant of the Buell Ulysses called the XB12XP which offered better ergonomics and the potential for easier patrolling on fire roads or rough surfaces. This example …

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1960 Cushman Eagle

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Founded in 1903, Cushman was a Nebraska-based company that specialized in the construction of small engines destined to be installed on bicycles or carriage. At the time, the demand for that kind of engine was very high, which kept the company pretty busy. Right in the middle of the Great Depression during the 30s, Cushman set two ambitious objectives, creating …

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Rare Project – 1933 Indian Motoplane

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08-04-2018 Update: Almost two years later, Tim Huber sees that this Motoplane is back up for sale. Find it here on Craigslist in Nevada City, Nevada for $16,000. Post Listing Update: This Motoplane did not meet reserve despite 9 bids up to $12,600. This bike is going to need a lot of work, but it’s rare enough for a feature. …

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1 of 5 – Venier Customs “Diabola” Moto Guzzi V65C

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Since first opening in 2012, Venier Customs has quickly built a name for itself, churning out high-end customs for clients all over the world. The shop’s work is routinely featured on elite customs sites like BikeExif and Pipeburn, and has graced the cover of several moto-magazines. Though Venier’s founder, namesake, and head honcho, Stefano Venier, has worked with a variety …

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1999 Confederate Hellcat

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Confederate has built custom motorcycles since 1991. Known for their aggressive appearance and the use of gorgeous CNC machined parts, they have made a name for themselves with their slogan “Art of Rebellion.” Taking home several pieces of hardware for their work in motorcycle shows across America, Confederate worked their way into several Hollywood productions. With a six-figure list price, …

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Rare Running Project – 1985 Pulse Autocycle

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Post Sale Update: This Autocycle sold for $8,600 after 71 bids on eBay. It probably comes as no surprise to learn the Pulse Autocycle was the brainchild of an aircraft designer. Jim Bede is best known for bringing the world the BD-4 and BD-5 aircraft kits — the latter of which made an appearance in the 1983 James Bond movie …

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Carey Hart Custom – 2017 Indian Chieftain

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Post Listing Update: This custom Chieftain did not get any interest at the opening ask of $31,999. Among many things in the world of motorcycling, Carey Hart is probably best known for being the first person to land a backflip in competition on a 250cc bike. Carey’s been tightly involved with Indian over the last few years, and this was …

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IRL TRON Bike – 2018 Parker Brothers Concepts Neutron

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Post Listing Update: This crazy custom got no interest at the asking price of $65,000. There’s no shortage of atrocious Hollywood remakes being churned out year after year, however from time to time revamped movies get it right. 2010’s TRON LEGACY was able to utilize modern computer generated animation and special effects to better create the world initially laid out …

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2001 Chevy V4-Powered Custom

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Are you an automotive engine expert? Maybe you’ll know what’s going on here, because I sure don’t. What we’ve apparently got is a “custom built 156 cubic inch Vee-Four Chevy” motor in a “Harley type” chassis. I’ve featured a couple example of the SuperVee (front two cylinders from a SBC Chevy 350) before, but this is even odder.

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1935 Indian Dispatch Tow

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Post Sale Update: This Dispatch sold for $32,500 after 22 bids on Bring a Trailer. According to The Iron Redskin, the Indian Dispatch Tow was built to fix a problem that a Packard dealership was having near the Indian plant. The dealer wanted a way to deliver customer cars without requiring an additional employee with a car to go alongside. …

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“American” MXer – 1974 Indian MT100

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Decades before Polaris Industries acquired Indian Motorcycle, the manufacturer traded hands numerous times, giving rise to a number of very…non-Indian Indians. For a time Brockhouse Engineering sold rebadged and slightly modified Royal Enfields under the Indian name. The company was later sold off again, this time to AMC, which proceeded to sell rebadged AJS and Matchless bikes as Indians, though …

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Baby Sidecar Crosser – 1995 Rokon Scout

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The history of the Rokon Company is riddled with rumors and falsehoods involving a particularly clever gas station attendant and a few hunting trips to Kenya that never actually happened. In a nutshell, the real story is that the original machine was invented by one Charlie Fehn in Southern California. Fehn’s bike, dubbed the Trail-Breaker, boasted two particularly nifty features, …