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$100 Raffle – Chopperdaves’ Steel Shoe

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Built for Born Free 5, Steel Shoe is the result of Chopperdaves’s “obsession with the movie On Any Sunday.” As he calls it, this is “Turbo Madness. Lots of power, real suspension. RACE SHIT for the street.” It won 2nd place in the Invited Builder class. Now it’s being raffled off with 325 tickets at $100 each.

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C&J-Framed Restomod Racer – 1979 Yamaha TT500

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I’ve recently been stumbling upon a decent number of C&J-framed examples, but this particular specimen has to be my favorite one yet. Constructed by C&J in the late ’70s, this machine features a Yamaha TT500 engine housed in a C&J chassis. It’s builder(s) also opted to outfit the bike with fenders, tank, and tail units off of other Yamaha MXers.

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1 of 25 – 1985 Can-Am 350 Trials

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Bombardier Recreational Products created their motorcycle division (Can-Am) in 1973, but by 1980 they had decided that their resources were better spent in snowmobiles and jet skis. As detailed by Canned Ham, a deal was struck in which CCM/Armstrong took over production and Can-Am sold the machines. During this time, Can-Am experimented with some new models and they expanded into …

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25th Anniversary – 2008 Buell Lightning XB12Scg

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Erik Buell is often at the forefront of technology, building bikes we aren’t quite ready for yet. Now he’s building electric bikes, but in the mid-2000s he was doing his best to bring Harley-Davidson into modernity. The Buell XB12S was one of those efforts, with a 1,203cc air/oil cooled V-twin updated in 2008 and churning out a smooth 103hp. The …

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1972 Harley-Davidson Sprint SS350

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One of the many Italian-built Aermacchis with a Harley-Davidson logo on the tank, the Sprint SS350 was introduced in 1969 with a bigger motor (the previous Sprint had a 250) as Harley tried to fight off competition from the Japanese. The Sprint was available in two forms: the SX had some off-road flavor with knobbies, high fenders, and a scrambler …

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First Year Knucklehead – 1936 Harley-Davidson EL

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Post Sale Update: This EL sold for $120,000 after 20 bids on eBay. Harley-Davidson debuted the Knucklehead motor in 1936 (though it didn’t earn the nickname until after the Panhead was released) and just 1,704 first year examples were built. As HD made several changes to production in the first few months, particularly to timing covers and kickstart gearing, some …

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Cycle World Cover Bike – ESMC’s “Desert Wolf” Harley Roadster

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The Desert Wolf was one of three identical bikes constructed for an ambitious 2017 project which was the brainchild of El Solitario’s head honcho, David Borras. While you can read all about Borras’ and the El Sol crew’s Saharan adventure on said bikes in a full-length Cycleworld writeup — the issue’s feature/cover story — in a nutshell the idea was …

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Ending Soon – 1949 Lowther/Indian Trike

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Post Sale Update: This Lowther sold for $8,000 after 4 bids on eBay. In the late 40s, when Indian was in its death throes, they partnered with the Lowther company of Joliet, Illinois. Lowther had already been producing scooters with a slogan of “Park Avenue Scooters with the Main Street price”. Indian rebadged an existing Lowther scooter and called it …

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Championship-Winning Thunderbike – Survivor Customs’ Rotax Flat Tracker

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Building a high-caliber race bike starts with the addition of race-grade, bespoke and aftermarket components, though it’s the countless hours of expertly dialing each element in that really separates pro-level racers from the rest. And that’s exactly what we’ve got here, a professionally-built competition machine from Mike Hill of Survivor Customs.