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McQueen Tribute – 2010 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Custom

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Though it’s been almost 40 years since his death, Steve McQueen continues to influence the motorcycle industry. The motorsport enthusiast and film star was a champion of motorcycling who made a profound impact on the sport, industry, and culture. As a tribute to the “King of Cool”, South England-based bespoke bike operation Shaw Speed & Custom decided to build a …

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1985 Harley-Davidson FXRP

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Post Listing Update: This FXRP did not get any interest at the BIN of $10,900. The FXR was an important model for Harley in their quest to show the world that they were still relevant after buying out AMF’s ownership interest. One way they tried to compete with the Japanese was to counter the dominance of the Kawasaki KZ1000 in …

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Original Owner – 1990 Buell RR1200 Battletwin

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Buell’s first streetbike was the RR 1000 Battletwin, an evolution of the Road Warrior RW750 race bike that was abruptly killed off when AMA racing ended the Formula One class. When Harley developed the new 1,203cc Evo motor, Buell decided that was going to be the powerplant for his best-of-America streetbike. The RR1200 Battletwin was born, and a tuned version …

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“Goliath” – 1980 Harley-Davidson XRTT

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The XRTT was a fully-faired road-racing motorcycle based on Harley-Davidson’s XR750 flat tracker. With at most only two-dozen-or-so units produced in total (some say it was as little as 12), XRTT’s are incredibly rare finds. The story of this particular example, dubbed “Goliath”, starts back in ’79 when Alan Sputhe joined forces with Vance Breese to take the XRTT to …

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1947 LaRay Power Cycle

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LaRay Engineering and Equipment Company was a short-lived American manufacturer based in Milwaukee. LaRay’s only model, the Power Cycle, was built for only one year supposedly somewhere between ’46 and ’48. A reported 2,500 units left the Wisconsin factory prior to the IRS shutting La Ray down for unpaid back taxes.

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1980 HMV Freeway

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Post Listing Update: This Freeway did not meet reserve despite 10 bids up to $2,800 in Morgantown, Pennsylvania on eBay. The brainchild of David Edmonson, High Mileage Vehicles (HMV) sold about 700 units of the “Freeway”, a three-wheeled oddity that just barely qualifies as a motorcycle. It’s a stretch, but I can’t help myself when it comes to sharing oddballs …

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1 of 760 – 1973 Yankee 500Z

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Post Sale Update: This 500Z sold for $6,000 after 20 bids on eBay in Cedar Crest, New Mexico. We’ve got two Yankees in two months! As I’ve mentioned several times before, the Yankee 500Z was the brainchild of John Taylor, the American importer for OSSA and Bultaco. He thought American dirt bikes should be able to compete with Europe’s best …

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#7 – 2010 Confederate P120 Fighter

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7-19-19 Update: Almost a year later, this Fighter has made its way to Facebook. The mileage seems to be the same at just over 300, and the seller seems confident that his last showing on eBay isn’t what the market will bear, so find this Confederate Fighter for sale in Austin, Texas for $70,000 here on Facebook Marketplace. Post Listing …

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1 of 22 – 1971 Speedway Silver Shadow

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For many minibike collectors, the Silver Shadow is the Holy Grail. Speedway called it the world’s fastest mini-cycle thanks to a 12.5 horsepower Sachs 2-stroke motor and a weight of just 147 pounds. It’s also incredibly rare (I’ve seen estimates that just 22 were built), which means it can be surprisingly valuable – I’ve featured one in the past that …