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2004 BMW Rockster R1150R

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The BMW Rockster was an interesting variant on their naked bike of the time, the R1150R. The Rockster was BMW’s take on a streetfighter of sorts, made by pulling together the headlight from a R1150GS, gauges from the R1100S, and throwing them onto the R1150R with a distinctive paint job.

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1964 Moto Beta XTR 100

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Yes, this is the same Beta that you can get an impressive off-roader from nowadays, but 50 years ago they offered a complete range of small dual-sports and street bikes. The seller calls this a MC 100, but I really think it’s a XTR – any Moto Beta experts out there know for sure?

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Austrian Army – 1985 KTM 250 Krad

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Another day, another bike I had never heard of before! I’ve seen this referred to as the 250 Krad or the 250 GL Krad – whatever you call it, it’s cool! A translated German Wikipedia page suggests that it was used by the Austrian and Norwegian armed forces and had optional skis for snow/ice riding. The air-cooled 245cc 2-stroke single …

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1986 Cagiva Aletta Oro S2

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Post Sale Update: This Cagiva sold for the opening bid of $2,000 on eBay in Brooklyn, New York. 12-19-19 Update: Kudos to the seller, who has converted this from what I previously called a “Rare Project” into a runner! These are very rare, which is why I’m impressed that he or she was able to make this Cagiva (VIN: zcgccxax6gv005021) …

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1976 Honda CB400F

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Jeff Pamer: Sometimes the design of a bike, or an aspect of it leaves a mark on history. The Suzuki Katana’s angular faring, Indian’s swooping fenders, and Kawasaki green – just to name a few. Honda has certainly left a few marks along the way, but nothing quite like the exhaust design on the CB400F. The exhaust lookss like water …

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1974 Tyran 125 MX

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Post Sale Update: Initially, this Tyran did not meet reserve with 14 bids up to $1,801. However, it was relisted with a BIN of $2,950, and sold at that number! Marketed as a British bike, the Tyran was actually built by Mitsubishi with designs from Ted Wassell, a name that may ring a bell if you were a MX nut …

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1999 Kawasaki ZRX1100

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Inspired by Eddie Lawson’s race bike replica released in 1982, the ZRX was a tribute to a tribute. This bike and its 1200 successor are some of the best bang for your buck used bikes you can buy today. It had 1982 styling with some late nineties updates, balancing both time period’s style perfectly. That trademark faring at the front …