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1985 Suzuki Madura

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A direct response to the ‘mega-cruiser’ Honda Magna, the Suzuki Madura was all about one-upmanship. Honda called their Magna an 1100, so the Madura was called a 1200, even if the engine was actually 1165cc. Honda rated the Magna at 116hp, Suzuki rated the Madura at…117 horsepower. You get the idea. Either way, it was a rare (5,099 produced over …

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Original Owner – 1990 Honda CB-1

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Originally built for the Japanese market, the Honda CB-1 was a beautifully balanced motorcycle that lost out in an American market that was obsessed with having as much horsepower as possible. On the flip side of things, Japan had a very competitive 400cc market due to a combination of regulations, licensing rules, and taxes. Cycle World called this “a great …

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2001 Kawasaki Voyager XII

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The aptly-named Voyager officially started in 1983, however Kawasaki previewed it with the “Touring” variant of the KZ1300 back in 1980, which featured a fairing, trunk, and bags. The original Voyager, released in 1983, had the touring features integrated much better in Kawasaki’s attempt to compete with the Gold Wing – like the Wing, it also featured a six-cylinder motor. …