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1 of 25 – 1985 Can-Am 350 Trials

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Bombardier Recreational Products created their motorcycle division (Can-Am) in 1973, but by 1980 they had decided that their resources were better spent in snowmobiles and jet skis. As detailed by Canned Ham, a deal was struck in which CCM/Armstrong took over production and Can-Am sold the machines. During this time, Can-Am experimented with some new models and they expanded into …

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1982 Yamaha Seca Turbo

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There is a part of me that would like have to been a bit older in the early 80s, and one of the reasons would have to be all the turbochargers that were being bolted onto motorcycles by OEMs. The theory behind turbocharging is simple: making horsepower out of exhaust. For a short period of time in the 80s, the …

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1972 Harley-Davidson Sprint SS350

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One of the many Italian-built Aermacchis with a Harley-Davidson logo on the tank, the Sprint SS350 was introduced in 1969 with a bigger motor (the previous Sprint had a 250) as Harley tried to fight off competition from the Japanese. The Sprint was available in two forms: the SX had some off-road flavor with knobbies, high fenders, and a scrambler …

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750cc Kit – 1979 Yamaha XS Street Tracker

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This Yamaha street tracker is based on a XS650, though the motor has been bored out to 750cc and it’s got a Shell cam. Other highlights of the work include a Mikuni VM36 carb, Dunlop flat track tires, Yamaha XT500 seat, Galfer stainless steel brake lines, Brembo front brake, Boyer ignition, Hugh’s Handbuilt stator/rotor kit, a new wiring harness, and …

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Restored Vintage Enduro – 1980 Yamaha IT175

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Immediately after Yamaha unveiled the IT400 in 1976, a trio of Yamaha riders nabbed gold medals at the Austrian International Six Day Trials on the newly debuted IT’s. With the success of the 400, the Tuning Fork Company opted to expand the IT — or “International Trial” — range the following year to include smaller displacement variants, one of which …

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Japanese American Mini Trail – 1977 Hodaka Dirt Squirt 80

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Hodaka Motorcycles first started as a producer of engines before later joining forces with another existing outfit and going on to build complete bikes. The Japanese (and American joint) firm capitalized on the influx in popularity of small displacement trail bikes — a phenomenon due largely thanks to Honda’s wares and marketing. Hodaka’s philosophy was that riding should be affordable/accessible, …

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1990 Honda VTR250 Interceptor

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Sold in the US for three years, the Honda VTR250 has become a cult classic for riders that love small bikes. The liquid cooled 250cc engine was paired with a six-speed transmission, and interestingly, an inboard front disc – though by 1990 the front brake would change to the industry standard.