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1982 Kawasaki GPz750

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In 1982, Kawasaki introduced a middleweight to the GPz family between the 550 and the 1100 (a couple of years later, the 900 would also be released). The styling was right in line with the rest of the GPz series, though after one year Kawasaki increased the size of the front fairing.

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1982 Honda Sabre V45

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Here’s a first-year example of Honda’s V45 (750cc) Sabre. Within a couple of years, Honda had shrunk the bike down to 700 to circumvent the taxes imposed on 750cc and larger import bikes by the US International Trade Commission. This one stands out due to the impressive original condition and the rare Hondaline fairing.

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1969 Greeves Ranger 250

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Founded by Bert Greeves, the Greeves motorcycle company started when Bert was mowing his lawn and thought of mounting a lawnmower engine to the wheelchair of his disabled cousin to help with mobility. That led to a government contract, and Bert was inspired by his success to start building motorcycles as well. The company was quite successful with exports – …

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2006 Ecorider Hippo Petrol

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Why am I specifying “Petrol” in the title? Because the Ecorider is one of the very few production motorcycles that has an available diesel engine. With that said, this was technically called an ATV, not a motorcycle, and as such riders did not need a motorcycle license in Europe. Ecorider had a US distributor but this is the first one …