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1971 OSSA Pioneer 250

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Ossa was a Spanish firm that offered a wide variety of dirt bikes to cover anything that an off-road enthusiast could want to do. The Pioneer was OSSA’s enduro bike, though realistically the pavement experience was limited to putting around in town. In the dirt, it was quite impressive for something that was street legal. In fact, in a 1969 …

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1971 Bultaco Matador 250

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In the post war world of enduro motorcycling, a few brands have earned legendary status: the Swedish Husqvarna and three famous Spanish brands: Ossa, Montesa, and Bultaco. Bultaco was founded in 1959 by famous Spanish road racing champion, Francisco Xavier Bulto. It was not Francisco’s first shot, as he created Bultaco right after he resigned from Montesa (which he co-founded …

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1968 Bultaco Metralla Mk2

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Post Sale Update: This Metralla sold for $7,500 after 18 bids on eBay. When it was released, the Metralla Mk2 was the fastest two-stroke motorcycle you could buy. It held that title for a short time – you should check out Mat Oxley’s book Stealing Speed to learn why two-stroke development was at a fever pitch during this decade – …

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1970 OSSA Plonker

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Post Sale Update: This Plonker sold for $2,300 after 12 bids on eBay. The OSSA Plonker (“plonking” used to be a different term for trials riding, as you’d “plonk” around rugged terrain at low speeds) was built in conjunction with trials expert Mick Andrews. It was their first attempt at a true observed trials bike, and it was succeeded by …

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Restored – 1972 OSSA 250 MAR

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Post Sale Update: This MAR sold for $5,000 after 39 bids on eBay. The OSSA MAR (Mick Andrews Replica) was built after OSSA hired the English rider to design and ride a new trials bike – he went on to win two consecutive European Trials Championships and three consecutive Scottish Six Days Trials with it. In 1973, Andrews moved to …

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1964 Lube-NSU Condor

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Founded in 1947 by Luis Bejarano Morga, Lube was a relatively popular Spanish motorcycle manufacturer that utilized NSU motors starting in 1952. In their best years, they sold almost 1,000 bikes a year and it went out of business in 1967. This Condor is from 1964, the last year for NSU powerplants.

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#100 – 1969 Bultaco Lobito 100

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Post Listing Update: This Lobito did not get any interest at the opening ask of $4,500. Bultaco’s “Little Wolf”, the Lobito was available in a variety of displacements over the years. The tiniest of the offerings was the 10 horsepower, 2-stroke 100cc, and today we’ve got a restored example that appropriately happens to be the 100th example ever built.

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Lambretta Licensed – 1973 Serveta Jet 200

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Post Sale Update: This Serveta sold for $6,421 after 25 bids on eBay. [x_line} In the early 50s, Lambretta’s Spanish distributor got permission from the parent company of Innocenti to build their own licensed copies. Production started in 1954, and a decade later the Spanish company changed their name from Lambretta Locomociones to Serveta. In 1966, Lambretta introduced a top …

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Trials Junkie Duo – 2 Montesa Cota 123s

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If you are at all familiar with Trials, then you are certainly familiar with the name Montesa. Montesa is a Spanish company that has been around since 1944. Formed by Pedro Permanyer and Francisco Bulto, they flourished from the 50’s through the 70’s making small-displacement bikes for the postwar market. They produced numerous road-going models, most notably the Brio and …

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Restored – 1974 Ossa Phantom 250

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Post Listing Update: This Phantom did not get any interest at the asking price of $3,450. When Honda debuted the CR250M (known as the Elsinore in the US), it was an instant classic and a terrifying prospect for manufacturers focused on two-stroke off-roaders like Penton, Hodaka, and Bultaco. OSSA also felt threatened by Honda’s new development, and they countered with …