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Do you find yourself here at Bike-urious because Jay Leno told you to come check it out? In that case, welcome! Read on to learn a little bit about what you’ve stumbled upon.

Bike-urious is all about interesting motorcycles, with a focus on finding interesting ones that are currently for sale (like Aniket Vardhan’s Royal Enfield Musket that was just featured on Jay Leno’s Garage).

For example, in the last few days I’ve shared some amazing motorcycles that are currently available to purchase, including high dollar, award winning custom builds like this Indian Scout from Analog Motorcycles.
Analog Motorcycles Indian Scout - Right Side

Turn-key racebikes like this sidecar rig powered by a Kawasaki Z1 engine.
Kawasaki Z1 Sidecar Racer - On Track

Even quirky customs like this motorcycle built around the flat-6 engine from a Corvair
Corvair Motorcycle - Right Side
…and everything in between. My hope is that there’s something for all kinds of motorcycle fans, but you’ll be the judge of that.

With all that said, Bike-urious is more than just bikes for sale. You’ll also find goofy video intermissions, giveaways, ride reports, and adventures with press bikes, like trying to see how fast I can go on a Honda Grom…

…or taking two of the new Indian Scouts out to a dry lake to pay a little homage to Burt Munro:

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If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me – abhi AT bike-urious.com. I always love hearing from readers!