1963 Francis Barnett Falcon

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Founded in 1919 by Gordon Francis and Arthur Barnett, Francis-Barnett was an English motorcycle manufacturer that was eventually acquired by AMC in ’47. After WWII, the company focused on small two-strokes with Villiers-sourced engines. After ’57 they started using AMC’s powerplant. Francis-Barnett liked to name their bikes after birds, including Plover, Kestrel, Merlin, and more. One of those birds was what you see in front of you now, a Francis-Barnett Falcon.

Francis Barnett Falcon - Tank

Something that came up in my research – though the firm that acquired FB went out of business in ’66, Francis Barnett is back! They’ve got some bicycles and some motorcycles, including a 250cc Falcon:

from http://francis-barnett.org/

This Falcon has been “completely restored” – it’s claimed to run like new and it includes ‘many extra parts’. There are less than 5 miles on the restored engine but the chassis has 19,619 miles on it. Find this Falcon for sale in Palmdale, California with a BIN of $3,950 or best offer