Sell a Bike:
Have an interesting bike you’re looking to sell?  Send me an email (submissions at with a description and some images, and a link to wherever else you may be advertising it and we’ll go from there. We’ll only feature motorcycles that will appeal to the average Bike-urious reader, so understand that we may pass on your submission. The cost to feature a bike (which includes a post on the site and inclusion into the Daily Digest email) is $50.

As we’ve grown, some loyal readers have let us known that they’re looking to buy specific bikes. We currently have buyers specifically interested in the following, so feel free to drop us a line if you’re looking to sell one:

2003 Tuono Racing – New Zealand but willing to import from the US

Red Hunter – Southern California

TNT 1130 Café Racer – Fresno, California

R90S – Daytona Orange – Washington State
R80GS – Washington State
K1 (Red/Yellow) – Colorado
2006 R1150GS Adventure Special Edition – Virginia (Northern)

P-120 – Hong Kong
R-131 – Hong Kong
B-120 – Hong Kong

Billy Bike Replica (from Captain America) – Detroit, Michigan

750 F1 Desmo – Washington State
750SS – Southern California
851 – Washington State
888 – Washington State
900SS SP – Maryland
900SS FE – Maryland
916 (1995 model year) – Washington State

1971 CB100 – Wisconsin
1976 CB750K – Kansas City, Missouri
CL77 305 Scrambler – Chicago, Illinois
Sabre VF700S – Ohio
RC30 – Washington State
S90 – New Jersey (Southern)

1974 250 Radial Fin (Yellow, shocks not moved up)

Moto Guzzi
V50 Monza
1980 LeMans II CX100

Model 30 International – Southern California
P11 – Detroit, Michigan
N15 – Detroit, Michigan

1972 Six Days 125 (Green)

340 RTII

Anything newer – Ohio

Anything older – Ohio

Valiant – Southern California
Venom – Southern California
Viper – Southern California

RZ350 – Yellow/Black – Pittsburgh, PA

1957 200 Challenger – Texas

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