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336 Miles – 1976 Kawasaki KZ900

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When Honda released the CB750, a lot changed. The entire motorcycling world, and industry had to take a deep breath and adjust. Some manufacturers took longer to do so than others. Some downplayed the tectonic shift that the new Honda was, and those who did either barely, or didn’t survive. Adapt or die.

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MotoGP Austin 2019 – Ducati Island

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Every year at MotoGP, the world’s biggest motorcycle manufacturers set up a tent to show off their newest products, offer demo rides, and try to develop more of a community. They all set up together in what Circuit of the Americas calls the Fan Zone. Then Ducati blows them all away with Ducati Island.

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End of an Era – 1994 Honda CT70

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Officially, 1994 was the last year of production for the venerable CT70. 4 years later, Honda’s patent would expire and the world was flooded with clones. This example has just 148 miles and the seller claims it’s like new. In his or her words, “this bike has always been stored in a climate controlled environment and it shows.” The sale …

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Rare Project – 1984 Tritan A2 Aero Car

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No, it’s not really a motorcycle. But that’s how it was classified because of its three-wheeled nature, and we’re going to run with it. The Tritan A2 was notable for having an incredible drag coefficient – just 0.15. Compare that to a period MR2, which had a Cd of 0.35. Amusingly, the only commercial “success” the A2 had was with …

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Ending Soon – 1975 Triumph Trident T160

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The Trident T160 is one of motorcycling’s great “what ifs”. Its T150 predecessor debuted as a 1969 model to lots of excitement from Triumph fans who wanted to see how the British firm would fight back against Honda’s CB750. It did not go well. Classic British Motorcycles notes that the Trident was doomed by “the combination of bad timing (it …