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Street-Legal Sumo – 2013 Honda CRF450R

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Thoroughly transforming any stock two-wheeled offering into a high-performance track weapon never comes cheap. Aftermarket parts, Baja Designs LED headlight kit, engine and suspension tuning, cosmetic mods: it all adds up quickly. For this reason, purchasing an example that somebody else has already gone through the trouble and expense of upgrading can save you a massive amount of money. That’s …

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Guest Ride Report – An Introduction to Cornerspin

In Guest Writers by David NLeave a Comment

Although there are a lot of good riding and racing schools in Southern California, it’s not true that all such schools are on the left coast. Consider Aaron Stevenson’s Cornerspin and its brother Cornerspeed. Cornerspeed is held at Virginia International Speedway. Cornerspin is held at Aaron’s compound in North Carolina, and it’s described as “road racing in the dirt”!

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1 of 760 – 1972 Yankee Z500

In America, Dual-Sport by AbhiLeave a Comment

In the early 70s, John Taylor of Schenectady, New York started building the Yankee Z500, an American dual-sport designed to compete with the best bikes coming out of Europe. Yankee Motor Company started by importing machines from OSSA, the Spanish off-road powerhouse, and then moved to modifying OSSA engines in their own custom frames. Eventually, they combined two OSSA 250cc …

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800 Miles – 2005 Honda CBR600RR

In Japan, Sport by Mazlow PetosaLeave a Comment

Back when the 600cc Supersport class dominated showroom floors, updates came every couple of years in the form of trickle down parts from the 1000cc class and the latest developments from racing. Two years after its introduction, the 2005 Honda CBR 600RR got the same treatment. The face remained familiar, showing a clear lineage to the RC211V. But underneath, it …

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Gear Review – Shoei GT-Air II

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The new Shoei GT Air 2 is an all-rounder, full-faced sport-touring helmet with some nifty integrated tech capability. Essentially it’s a lot like a non-modular version of the Neotec 2 with a little more X-14 influence. Shoei took what the public liked about the GT Air 1 and ran with it.

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2013 EBR 1190RS Carbon Edition

In America, Sport by Mazlow PetosaLeave a Comment

It’s no secret that I am leading the EBR train. Erik’s brainchild, the EBR 1190RS, is the best sportbike America has to offer and I cannot wait to own one. Early models were built to meet AMA homologation requirements, and the quality is reflected both in the materials and the price. Nearly $40,000 (huge money at the time) got you …

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2007 BMW R1200S

In Germany, Sport by Mazlow PetosaLeave a Comment

BMWs R1200S never gets as much time in the limelight as the GS model. Personally, I can’t wait to ride an HP2, but every flavor has their advantages. In 2007, new pistons brought the boxer engine to 122hp and 89hp, a 22hp increase over the R1200GS. Additionally, weight was reduced 29 lbs over the previous R1100S. Optional Ohlins suspension offered …

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Restored – 1977 Ducati 900SS

In Italy, Sport by AbhiLeave a Comment

A sportier evolution of the 860GT, the 900SS was designed to remind riders of the iconic 750SS. Though they’re now appreciating in value, the model was originally in the shadow of the Mike Hailwood Replica so it wasn’t as commercially successful as you may have thought. Like the Honda CBX, the first years of the 900SS’ model run were as …