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2007 Honda VFR800 Anniversary Edition

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Honda engineers started down the path to produce a V4 motorcycle engine in 1978 to compete against two stoke race bikes of the time. Soichiro Honda didn’t like two stroke engines and didn’t want to race them. He was passionate about maximizing 4-stroke technology. He wanted a 4 stroke that could compete. The engineers eventually produced the NR500 race bike. …

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Video Intermission – KLR Rebuild Timelapse

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In December, FortNine released a video called “Killing the Un-Killable KLR650”, in which they paid tribute to the recently discontinued Kawasaki by running it through a series of torture tests. The bike eventually succumbed, and that’s allowed the FortNine folks to get some new video content by filming the rebuild and speeding it up to fit in 15 minutes – …

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McCandless Swingarm Conversion – 1931 Norton International

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1931 was the first year for the Norton International, a motorcycle that would be produced for an impressive 26 years. This specific example (VIN: 3049256) is extra special as it’s got two significant modifications. The first is a McCandless swingarm conversion. Before the debut of the legendary Featherbed frame in 1950, the McCandless brothers offered swingarm conversions for all types …

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Not Stock – 1983 Honda CB1100F by Randakk

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I’ve shared a couple of Randakk’s custom Honda builds in the past, such as this supercharged CBX and this supercharged GL1000. But today’s feature is a highly customized CB1100F, which pairs nicely with the stock example just shared a few minutes ago. Current bidding is within a few hundred bucks and the listings end within a few hours of each …

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2007 Yamaha FJR1300

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Why do we like some brands more than others? I feel like I’m an equal opportunity gearhead: I’d happily ride a Ducati, or a Triumph for example. They’re both great manufacturers that do different things extremely well. But if you made me choose, I think I’d pick a Triumph. Why? I couldn’t really put my finger on it. I’ve owned …

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Rolling Art – 1993 Honda CBR900RR by Zephyr

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The Honda CBR900RR is an excellent motorcycle that completely changed the definition of a sportbike in the early 90s. But this example isn’t notable for its performance on the road – it’s value comes from the bodywork that’s been painted by Andrew Witten, a NYC graffiti artist known as Zephyr. The seller states that this bike is the third in …