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Auction Preview – Foggy Mountain Motorcycle Museum

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Starting tomorrow (June 24th), Bartlett Auctions is selling the inventory of Foggy Mountain Motorcycle Museum, the creation of Glen (Rodger) and Carolyn Noseworthy. “Now faced with unexpected health concerns, they have decided to downsize their collection of more than 100 motorcycles and hundreds of pieces of incredible memorabilia, specialty tools, jigs and motorcycle rarities.” The main event is on June …

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1974 Moto Guzzi Eldorado

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This Eldorado was a “rehab project” for the seller, who almost passed away from cancer surgery approximately 5 years ago. Now he’s having some leg trouble after a knee replacement and 5 hip surgeries, so this bike needs a new caretaker.

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1976 Suzuki RE-5

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Suzuki called the RE5 the future of motorcycling, thanks to its innovative rotary engine and distinctive styling. It was a bit too outrageous, and it didn’t work out. The ’76 (and final model) was a neutered slightly from a stylistic standpoint (like ditching the “tin can” speedoin an attempt to make the bike more conventional.

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20th Anniversary – 2005 Yamaha VMAX

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The name told you all you need to know: when the V-Max debuted in 1985, it was a cruiser dedicated to speed. Reviewers and consumers responded positively – it instantly won Cycle Guide’s “Bike of the Year” award and it barely had any changes for the next 22 years. It was arguably the definitive muscle bike, and Yamaha produced a …

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1 Owner – 1997 Suzuki RF900R

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With an engine derived from the GSX-R1100, the Suzuki RF900R was designed as a entry-level bike in the sport-touring market, undercutting the competition by about $1,500. Despite the pricing, you still got a solid sport-tourer with odd styling that Suzuki claimed was “inspired a stingray.” Sales weren’t great.

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New In Box – 1993 BMW K1 Ultima

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Following up on yesterday’s look back at the BMW K1, reader Wynkin de W shares a rare example of the K1’s final form that’s “new in box”. That’s usually a phrase you hear with toys, but is seems apt in this case considering how this crate has a viewport!

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1968 Suzuki Cobra

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Otherwise known as the T500, the Suzuki Cobra was very short-lived. Sort of. After just one year, Ford told Suzuki that the Cobra name was already accounted for, and that they should figure out another model name for their 500cc two-stroker.

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Back In Time Review – 1990 BMW K1

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I got to spend a couple of hours with a BMW K1 this week, and while that isn’t enough time for a comprehensive breakdown, I thought it’d be nice to mix it up from the usual reviews of brand new stuff and reflect on a classic. Here are my five biggest takeaways from my time with this fascinating German oddball.