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Video Intermission – How Does A Carb Work?

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I’m sure many of you have already seen this, but I’m sharing it in case you haven’t because I thought it was great. Whether or not you own a bike that’s carbureted, you likely have some idea how a carb works. But do you understand it well enough that you could explain it to someone else? After watching this video, …

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Rare in the US – 2013 Honda Blade 110

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Normally, the words “Honda” and “Blade” would make you think of something like the original 900RR Fireblade (or the new Fireblade RR-R). But in Southeast Asia, the Blade is one of many (and I mean MANY) underbone scooters that dominate their personal transportation industry. This one has somehow made its way to California, and the seller claims that it is …

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2004 KTM 660 Rally Factory Replica

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For KTM fans, the letters RFR are something special. They stand for Rally Factory Replica, and they designate bikes that compete in legendary races like the Dakar Rally. This one’s participated in the Dakar, as well as the FIM Rally (now called the Desert Challenge) and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb!

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2001 Honda FTR223

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Nowadays, the “FTR” model is heavily associated with Indian and the FTR1200. But Honda beat them to the punch with a motorcycle that was never officially sold in the US, their own Flat Track Racing inspired FTR223! Here’s one that’s made it to the US and is currently titled in Texas.

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2014 Honda VFR800 Interceptor

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“In a market segment characterized by extremes, Honda’s VFR has always trod the middle ground––never the fastest, or the lightest, or the quickest way around a racetrack, but always a standout, biased more toward balance than bravado, a sportbike for the real world.” That’s how Motorcyclist magazine introduces Honda’s legendary Interceptor in this timeline of the model.

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Factory Racer – 1979 Kawasaki KR750

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Introdcued in 1975, the KR750 was Kawasaki’s top tier road racing machine, piloted by legendary names such as Gary Nixon, Steve Baker, and Mike Baldwin. Normally when I feature something that looks like a KR750, it’s a tribute – but today someone’s got Baldwin’s actual machine up for sale!

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1982 Ducati Bajohr 1000SS

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Alfred Bajohr was a German engineer who made a name for himself by customizing Moto Guzzis and Ducatis in the endless pursuit of speed. He built a limited number of street bikes and race bikes – the seller of this street bike claims that “from 1979 to 1983 one motorcycle per year was built according to Customer specifications.”

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2020 KTM 450 Rally Factory Replica

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For the last few years, KTM’s offered a customer version of the race bike they use in legendary competitions like the Dakar. Called the RFR (for Rally Factory Replica), it features a race-spec chassis, WP XACT PRO suspension, Akrapovic exhaust, windshield with navigation tower, and a whole bunch of pedigree – when this bike was released, KTM had won the …