Metrakit Pre-GP 125

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Looking for a purpose-built race bike for a young racer-to-be? Look no further than the Metrakit Pre-GP 125. Metrakit, a Spanish company that unfortunately went bankrupt (but still has a large presence in Australia), was well known for creating a series of tiny roadracers that were quite dominant in 50-80cc mini GP races across the world. In the mid 2000s, Metrakit looked to get a little bigger, both with their company and displacement size, and stepped up to the world of 125cc racers.

Metrakit Pre-GP 125 - Right Side

Metrakit sourced their 125cc engine from Husqvarna, and the little screamer put out 32 horsepower in a bike that weighed just 128 pounds! Fuel was delivered through a Mikuni 38mm carb, and redline was all the way up at 12,500 rpm. Unlike many of its competitors, the Pre-GP 125 was capable of lasting an entire season without needing a top end rebuild. MSRP when new was a significant $9,000, though used prices have recently taken a tumble as parts availability is low post-bankruptcy. It seems that the seller has got quite a lot of spares though, so you might be okay for a while. The only US importer was Cycle Imports, based in Miami, but they seem to have since disappeared.

Metrakit Pre-GP 125 - Engine

This specific Metrakit Pre-GP 125 was used as a practice bike for one season back in 2007. It then spent several years in storage and is now ready to go to someone else, as the seller is not healthy enough to go racing. It comes with all kinds of new extras, and the rear spring has been setup for a 200 pound rider. Pick this little rarity up, be the star of pit lane, and then tear up your local mini-GP track!

Metrakit Pre-GP 125 - Gauges

Find this Metrakit Pre-GP 125 for sale here on Craigslist for $3,500 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Metrakit Pre-GP 125 - Naked

This is the second bike-uriousity in a row brought to you by reader Zack B!