I’m the kind of guy that spends all day thinking about bikes. If I’m not out riding, I’m scouring sources like Craigslist, eBay, BARF, ADVRider, and all kinds of forums looking for the next bike of my dreams. Only problem is, there are too many bikes out there to effectively find the truly interesting ones. Bike-urious was created to help you find rare, unique, and interesting motorcycles to put in your own garage. My hope is that there’s something for all kinds of motorcycle fans, but you’ll be the judge of that!

Variety is the spice of life, so you’ll also find event coverage, gear reviews, giveaways, ride reports, and adventures with press bikes, like trying to see how fast I can go on a Honda Grom

taking two of the new Indian Scouts out to a dry lake to pay a little homage to Burt Munro…

…or trying to sneak past the fuzz on an electric Zero FXS:

Every once in a while, we host events, too:

Long term, I’m looking to create a page that you can come to knowing that you’ll find bikes that you don’t see every day, and hopefully create a community of knowledgeable, friendly commenters that have stories to share about the motorcycles I feature. When it boils down to it, I’m looking to feature bikes that are either classics now, or will be in the future. Take a look and satisfy your bike-uriousity – and most importantly, thanks for giving me a little bit of your time.

Hope you enjoy.