Beater Olympics Recap

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Last week Bike-urious hosted the first Beater Olympics – hopefully you remember it from intro posts like this one. There were some growing pains, but I’m pleased to announce that the first Beater Olympics was a success. Read on to see how it went!

First, a quick teaser video for those of you that weren’t able to make it this time:

Eight teams showed up from as close as Apple Valley and as far as San Diego. Events included:

Slow Race – a slow race is simple…last person to cross the finish line wins. To mix it up, winners of the three heats faced off in a final round with a surprise: the losers of the heats got to throw dodgeballs at them!

Limbo – you can probably guess how this worked. Lots of this:

Until this happened:

The Transporter – This was a competition for riders to carry a cup of water while completing a full lap (yes, even the dirt portion). Points were awarded based on speed and amount of water you were able to keep in the cup.

Arguably the most difficult part is getting started, trying to work the clutch while you’re holding the cup. Just try not to do this:

The wide variety of results:

Paperboy – Lap the track while somehow carrying 4 dodgeballs…then trying to hit targets while you’re on the move!

Photo from Bryan Wood:

Drag Race with a Le Mans Start

The highlight was one heat where the moped got a better start, only to be passed right before the finish line while exhibiting true sportsmanship:

We tried to get a tug of war going but the medic (understandably) didn’t like our setup…that’s for next year.

It all came together with a relay race:

Excellent leg kick across the finish line:

After it was all said and done, we had a winner – the Looneyville Runners, who brought a Yamaha SR500.

Then we all took a break from the heat with some beer and some music.

Special thanks to:
Mystic Reign for hours of entertainment!
Mark Pearson for some excellent food all day via his food truck, Demolition Cafe.
Bryan Wood from RideApart for spreading the word and even jumping in to ride with a silly costume when we needed an extra rider:

Gary Ng and Aaron Schasse for photo/video/logistics/much more.
Jay Lamm of 24 Hours of Lemons for plenty of sage advice.

We got lots of great feedback, including riders asking for us to do it again. If this has piqued your interest, stay tuned for the next one! Till next year…