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1971 BSA Firebird Scrambler

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BSA and Triumph released the new 1971 range to much fanfare…but journalists were underwhelmed. As Frank Westworth stated in a Bennetts review, “The press hated the brave, new, etc 1971 Beezers. They hated the style. They hated the colours. They hated the old engines, which is understandable, but most of all they hated the height.” 50 years later, no one’s …

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1981 Suzuki DR500

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Yamaha’s success with the XT500 was hard for competitors to ignore – Suzuki’s attempt at fighting back was the DR500. Many riders who sampled both bikes felt like Suzuki had a superior package, however Yamaha was much more commercially successful, and that’s what makes this a relatively rare find.

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1982 Can-Am Qualifier 250

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The successor to the TNT (Track ‘n’ Trail), Can-Am’s Qualifier was an enduro sibling to the MX-3 with a Rotax motor tuned more for mid-range torque than top-end horsepower. When they launched it in 1977, Can-Am said it was their first purpose enduro bike so you no longer had to strip down a TNT or add lights to the MX.

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In Ireland – 1997 BMW R80GS Kalahari

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Here’s one that I had never heard about as it was never offered in the US – the “Kalahari” version of the BMW GS lineup. All the times you’ve heard someone talk about how they wish a company would just bring back an old model and put it up for sale again? Well, BMW tried that here as they basically …

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1964 REX KL35

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10-18-20 Update: Four years later, Robert VanSlyke notes in the comments that this REX is again up for sale. The asking price is down to $2,500 and it’s moved from Idaho to Arizona. It’s titled and still a runner – find it in Cave Creek, Arizona here on Facebook Marketplace. 9-12-16 Update: John K notes that this REX is back …

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1995 Kawasaki KLX650

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Post Sale Update: The seller lowered the asking price to $3,000 – it ended up selling but the sale price is unknown. Everyone knows the KLR650, but in the mid-’90s Kawasaki also offered both a Tengai variant (same basic bike extra plastics) as well as the KLX, a faster and beefier version dual-sport. There was even a KLX650R, which was …

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1955 Royal Enfield Indian Woodsman

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Between 1955 and 1960, Indians sold in the US were actually re-branded Royal Enfields. It was the idea of an English company called Brockhouse Engineering (you may remember that they created the adorable Corgi) who owned the Indian trademark at the time. They thought they could capitalize on the goodwill of the Indian brand by selling some Brit bikes, and …

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Lucky Livery – 1995 Cagiva Elefant 900 AC

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Post Sale Update: This Elefant sold for $10,651 after 20 bids on eBay in Anaheim, California. In 1989, Cagiva debuted a limited version of the Elefant adorned in the Lucky Explorer livery of their Paris-Dakar winner. It was the coolest of the Elefant line-up. In 1993, they went in a different direction than the usual motorcycle manufacturer and actually offered …