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1973 BGW Trakcycle

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Introduced in 1972, the Trakcycle was a creation of BGW Industries in Mansfield, Ohio – a October 1972 issue of Popular Mechanics says that the Trakcycle “represents just about the ultimate in all-season, go-anywhere ruggedness and versatility. Its rubber-ribbed, cord-reinforced track belt is nearly a foot wide and heavily treaded, giving the bike tremendous traction.”

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1 of 133 – 1997 KTM 200LE Jackpiner

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You’re either going to look at this bike and drool, or wonder what the big deal is. If you fall in the latter camp, here’s a refresher of how KTM came to be in the US, thanks in no small part to John Penton. If you’re in the former camp, just scroll down to the for sale listing and snap …

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546 Miles – 2006 Kawasaki KLR650/HDT M1030M1

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KLR fans, take a close look at that motor. If it looks different than what you’re used to, it’s because this is a diesel-powered Kawasaki built by Hayes Diversified Technologies for the US Marine Corps. Hayes actually built 3 military Kawis – a gas-powered bike based on the KLR250 (M1030), another gas-powered bike but based on the KLR650 (M1030B1), and …

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Zero Miles – 2017 Metisse Steve McQueen Desert Racer

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Founded in England in 1959 by Derek and Don Rickman, Metisse Motorcycles quickly developed a name for off-road excellence with their custom frame designs for British engines that led to wins in the Moto Cross des Nations as well as 250cc and 500cc GP motocross championships. Their success soon expanded into road racing as well, but they were best known …

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1979 Honda CR250 Moto-X Fox

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Founded by Geoff Fox in 1974, the company we currently know as Fox Racing was started under the name of Moto-X Fox as a mail order business. They quickly expanded to offer hard parts, protective gear, casual apparel, and even products for ATVs, cars, and bicycles. In ’77, they started their own race team in AMA, and it led to …