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1977 Yamaha TT500

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Yamaha’s introduction of the DT-1 in 1968 was a huge success, but the manufacturer anticipated that upcoming environmental regulations were going to make two-stroke engines difficult to continue production with. They looked into four-stroke motors, and a project of theirs that started in 1971 led to the development of a 500cc thumper that became the TT500, which was released in …

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On Any Sunday – 1974 Honda CR250M Elsinore

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Post Listing Update: This Elsinore did not meet reserve despite 15 bids up to $6,088.91. In the beginning of the ’70s, road bikes were starting to commonly adopt 4 stroke engines, but off-roaders were sticking to 2 strokes. Though the Japanese manufacturers had a lot of success in America with small off-road bikes, Honda struggled to a competitive off road …

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13 Honda Z50s

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Post Listing Update: This lot of Z50s did not get any action at the opening bid of $19,000. I can’t imagine who would want to buy this, but someone is offering a collection of 13 Honda Z50s ranging from 1979 to 1999. They’re all claimed to be in “great original condition”, but what do you do with this? Start a …

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1966 Triumph T120TT Special

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08-03-2018 Update: Almost four years later, Tim Huber has seen that this TT is back up for sale with a $3,000 discount. You can find it at the Garage Company here on Craigslist for $13,000. A race bike straight from the factory, the Triumph T120TT Special was stripped of weight and had an increase in performance. The model was the …

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Jeff Fredette ISDE Racer – 2004 Kawasaki KDX220

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There’s no better authority on the Kawasaki KDX than Jeff Fredette. The AMA Hall of Famer (and ’93 AMA Sportsman of the Year) is responsible for a ridiculous number ISDT/ISDE wins and podiums — the vast majority of which were achieved aboard KDXs. In his decades of experience, Fredette became extremely well acquainted with the KDX, modifying and developing the …

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“American” MXer – 1974 Indian MT100

In America, Less than 5k, Off-Road, Small Displacement by Tim HuberLeave a Comment

Decades before Polaris Industries acquired Indian Motorcycle, the manufacturer traded hands numerous times, giving rise to a number of very…non-Indian Indians. For a time Brockhouse Engineering sold rebadged and slightly modified Royal Enfields under the Indian name. The company was later sold off again, this time to AMC, which proceeded to sell rebadged AJS and Matchless bikes as Indians, though …

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Wood Rotax 560 Four-Stroke – 1984 KTM 504 MX

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At the dawn of the 1980s, a myriad of manufacturers were experimenting with producing a competitive four-stroke motocrosser, though dethroning the mighty two-stroke was a major uphill battle. Quite a few marques put their faith in Rotax, who had then recently debuted an impressive 498cc four-stroke single. Seeing the potential of the half-liter thumper, KTM worked out a deal with …

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Backflip Display Model – 2001 VOR MX 503

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Post Sale Update: This display sold for sold for $4,050 after 17 bids on eBay. Normally, a pristine VOR MX 503 would easily be interesting enough for me to feature by itself, but this example is literally on another level! It’s been converted into a display bike as if it is in the process of completing a backflip thanks to …

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The Reddest of Rockets – 1980 Honda CR250 with 0 Miles

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Honda’s CR250 is a staple in the MX world. Despite (US) production ending roughly a decade ago, Honda’s CR range continues to be a favorite with off-road aficionados, and for good reason. In the CR250’s 34 years of competition. it achieved 15 US Supercross championships and a dozen US Outdoor National championships, making it regarded as the winningest dirt bike …

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1970 OSSA Plonker

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Post Sale Update: This Plonker sold for $2,300 after 12 bids on eBay. The OSSA Plonker (“plonking” used to be a different term for trials riding, as you’d “plonk” around rugged terrain at low speeds) was built in conjunction with trials expert Mick Andrews. It was their first attempt at a true observed trials bike, and it was succeeded by …