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No Reserve – 1971 AJS Stormer Y4 250

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Post Sale Update: This AJS sold for $2,648 after 7 bids on eBay. The AJS Stormer was a bit of a flop, as it was a last ditch effort by Norton-Villiers to dump excess inventory of Starmaker engines. However, it was the first MX bike to feature shocks that had been moved up as well as leading axle forks, so …

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1970s Gemini SST 50

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Post Listing Update: This Gemini did not get any interest at the BIN of $2,300. Imported for just three years, the Gemini SST 50 was much faster than a Honda 50 thanks to a licensed design of Yamaha’s rotary intake valve engine – last time I featured one of these, multiple commenters said it was faster than the Honda 70, …

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1993 Honda EZ-Snow

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Post Listing Update: This EZ-Snow did not get any interest at the opening bid of $10,000. I’ve been waiting years to share one of these with you. This is a EZ-Snow, one of the coolest variants of Honda’s ubiquitous Super Cub. The US got a two-wheeled version of this generation called the Cub EZ90, though it was called the EZ-9 …

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Model 18 – 1968 Bultaco El Bandido

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One of the rarer Bultacos ever made, the El Bandido 360 was an open class racer that could be ordered with either a 19″ or 21″ front wheel depending on your desire to compete in MX events or Scrambles. Either way, you’d get a beautiful bike with one of my favorite logos in motorcycling.

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C&J-Framed Restomod Racer – 1979 Yamaha TT500

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I’ve recently been stumbling upon a decent number of C&J-framed examples, but this particular specimen has to be my favorite one yet. Constructed by C&J in the late ’70s, this machine features a Yamaha TT500 engine housed in a C&J chassis. It’s builder(s) also opted to outfit the bike with fenders, tank, and tail units off of other Yamaha MXers.

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1 of 25 – 1985 Can-Am 350 Trials

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Bombardier Recreational Products created their motorcycle division (Can-Am) in 1973, but by 1980 they had decided that their resources were better spent in snowmobiles and jet skis. As detailed by Canned Ham, a deal was struck in which CCM/Armstrong took over production and Can-Am sold the machines. During this time, Can-Am experimented with some new models and they expanded into …

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Coffin Tank – 1973 CZ 400

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Post Listing Update: The asking price of this CZ was lowered to $7,800 but that wasn’t enough to find a buyer. The CZ 400, also known as the Model 981, was the best open motocrosser to ever come out of the country of Czechoslovakia. Though on the heavy side, this bike was extremely reliable, with well blue-printed engines. These bikes …