2013 Honda Grom MSX125 Custom

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11-9 Update: You guys seem to love the Grom so much that it got me curious. I borrowed one from Honda and took it for a spin, including a top speed run in the LA River.

Post-Listing Update: This Honda Grom MSX125 Custom was pulled off eBay, final sale price unknown. But as shown in the comments below, you can head over to ComposiMo to make your Grom look like this one!

The Honda Grom has now hit US shores and it has become the darling of the import customization crowd – similar to the Honda Ruckus of years past. Today we feature an interesting take on the Grom, our favorite new small bike. Grom is slang for a young surfer, as Honda expects buyers with the young surfer mentality. We highly recommend that you try out one of these little bikes – they’re some of the most fun we have had on two wheels in a long time.

Honda Grom - Rear Right

The 125cc engine produces about 9 horsepower, which is sufficient to get this 225 pound machine up to 60 mph. Keep it slower and you can easily achieve 90 miles per gallon. The 1.5 gallon tank gives you plenty of range in town, and the tiny 12 inch wheels help make this light bike incredibly flickable. We can’t stress enough how enjoyable it is to rev this bike up to red-line and throw your weight around on it. Before being introduced in the states, it was also sold in a few Asian countries, where it was known as the MSX125.

Honda Grom - Right Side

This specific Honda Grom has been imported from Thailand (which may cause registration issues) and has had all kinds of aftermarket work done to it. The swingarm has been extended and it’s been lowered, creating a very long, low, and mean look. In addition, you’ll get a one-off custom HotLap exhaust, Ohlins rear shock, Rigid Industries LED lights, and all kinds of other goodies – enough to earn this bike an upcoming magazine feature.

Honda Grom - Front

Find this Honda Grom for sale with bidding up to $8,200 in East Flat Rock, North Carolina

Honda Grom - Gauges

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