V-Twin Custom – 2015 Royal Enfield Musket

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This post ends with a bike for sale, but it starts with the story of an incredibly passionate and talented guy who grew up in India, heard the intoxicating sound of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin, and resolved to replicate that noise with what he had access to – Royal Enfield singles. Several years later he was in the US with a test engine, a whole lot of determination, and a tremendous amount of mechanical aptitude. Now I’m just honored to share the results of his work. Meet Aniket Vardhan.

Royal Enfield Musket - Aniket

I’ve had the pleasure of riding one of Aniket’s Muskets and it’s a very enjoyable experience (though I’d probably spring for an upgraded disc brake in the front). It retains everything I loved about the classic Enfield Bullet ( the first big bike I learned how to ride on in India), but actually gives it some oomph. And good lord, Aniket’s engine is absolutely gorgeous.
Royal Enfield Musket - Engine

I could go on and on about what I love about this bike – the thought behind his decisions, the fit and finish of the engine, how good looking it is, and most importantly how it makes you smile when you’re riding it – or I could just leave you with the fact that it’s so fantastic that Jay Leno asked to feature some of his bikes on the newest episode of Jay Leno’s Garage. Watch the video to get a better description of what it’s like to ride that I could offer you in writing:

Interested in learning more and getting your own? As you can hopefully tell from the photos, he’s made a variety of them, so you have options. First, start with Aniket’s story. Then find the Royal Enfield Musket for sale here through Aniket’s site (prices vary depending on what you want and if you’re providing you own bike or not).

Royal Enfield Musket  998 - Right Side