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No Reserve – 2002 Buell M2 Cyclone Custom

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The Cyclone was introduced in 1997 and Buell ended production of the model in 2002. It split the difference between teh S3 Thunderbolt semi-tourer and the S1 Lightning sportbike. It was equipped with a 94 horsepower/1,203cc Harley engine, 5-speed transmission, Thunderstorm heads, lightened flywheel, steel braided brake lines, and Showa suspension. called it their ‘preferred’ Buell of the time, …

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2016 EBR 1190RX “1776” Edition

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In 2016, the first motorcycle off of Erik Buell Racing (EBR)’s production line was a “1776” Limited Edition 1190RX superbike. It was a limited edition with an American flag livery that was officially called the 1776 Limited Edition, though lots of riders just called them the Patriots.

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Restored Duo – 1940s Harley-Davidson WLAs

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Offered individually or as a set, a seller in Central California has two Harley-Davidson WLAs restored by Steve LeMay of Resurrection Cycles as well as a trailer “to look like a trailer that could’ve been built during the war” with ’36 Chevrolet wheels and “authentic WWII hardware.”

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No Reserve – Jake Zemke Leathers

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Over on the auction site, our buddy Kevin Erion has opened up his private stash of leathers from some of your favorite Erion Honda AMA riders! One of my favorites is this set worn by Jake Zemke when he was competing with Bruce Transportation as the Erion Racing satellite team in 2001 and 2002.

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1948 Harley-Davidson WR

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The WR is an interesting bike in Harley’s storied history. Designed specifically for Class C competition, it featured a 738cc V-twin with several upgrades. Sold as a stripper-spec racing machine, it did not have lights or brakes, and was sold to assist privateer efforts to avoid putting money into a factory team. It was incredibly successful – by 1948, it …

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#1 – 2018 NMoto Nostalgia BMW R7

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2-28-21 Update: 9 months later, this Nostalgia is up for sale with a hefty discount. The ask has gone from $95k to $64,500 – find it here on eBay. For context, we had one for sale at Iconic for several months. We let it go for $37,450 including buyer’s fees. A couple of years ago, I shared a custom based …

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1980 Chrysler Snorunner

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Continuing the recent theme of oddball snow machines, today we’ve got a Chrysler Snorunner. This has an interesting history – though some people disagree on the actual story. My favorite version is that Chrysler built them for the Army, which was looking for light weight snow transport that could carry a soldier for 30 miles. It wasn’t capable of handling …

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1958 Cushman Highlander Model 721

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Post Listing Update: This Highlander did not meet reserve with 9 bids up to $2,550.11 on eBay in Ormond Beach, Florida. In 1958, Cushman created the Model 721 variant of the Highlander with an open frame in the rear. They made it for just three months before covering the back half in fiberglass bodywork. Here’s one of those rare open …

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Rare Project – 1972 Snow Job Snow Bike Kit

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Post Sale Update: after being relisted, this Snow Job sold for $604 after 7 bids on eBay in Vernon-Rockville, Connecticut. In the early 70s, a company called Advanced Recreation Equipment Corporation (AREC) of Mountain View, California raised money from KPCB to build kits that would allow In the early 70s, a company called Advanced Recreation Equipment Corporation (AREC) of Mountain …

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1934 Harley-Davidson VLD

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Post Sale Update: This VLD sold for $28,600 after 19 bids on eBay in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. When the stock market crashed in ’29, most American motorcycle manufacturing firms went out of business. H-D, of course, was one of the few that survived. With only a little bit of money to play with (thanks to Harley’s bottoming out of sales in …

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1959 Harley-Davidson FLH

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Post Listing Update: This FLH was pulled off of eBay, final sale price unknown. With a healthy 90,170 miles on the odometer, this FLH impresses as it’s mechanically original with all matching numbers as well as the 6V electrical system and Linkert carb.