1965 Suzuki K15 Hillbilly

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Introduced in 1965, the Suzuki K15 (also known as the Hillbilly) was a 2-stroker for the trail with features like a skid plate, luggage rack, and swappable sprockets.

Basic specs were a dry weight of 155 pounds, and 7.3 horsepower from the 80cc single. Top speed with the trail sprocket was 38 miles per hour, and 60 mph with the street sprocket.

This example is said to be in “amazing condition” with a rebuilt carb and restored gas tank. The sale includes spare parts, tools, a warranty card, and what the seller calls recipes (but I assume he/she means receipts).

Find this Hillbilly for sale in Bend, Oregon for $1,550 here on Craigslist.