Restored Boat Tail – 1971 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide

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Post Sale Update: this Super Glide sold for $24,751 after 25 bids on eBay.

Considered by some to be the first factory custom bike, the Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide was Willie G’s brainchild and an attempt to satisfy the countless H-D enthusiasts that would customize their brand new Harleys.

Willie decided to build a production bike that offered custom looks – the “FX” title stands for Factory Experimental. Combining parts from the FLH (the frame/rear suspension/drivetrain) and XL (front suspension/headlight/brakes) models, you also got buckhorn handlebars and the distinctive boattail fender. It did not sell well. As a ’71, this is a first year model of the FX Super Glide. Sales increased when the rear styling was changed, but I like the way the boattail has aged.

This example (VIN: 2C13870H1) is adorned in the iconic “Sparkling America” livery that the original Super Glides were best known for, and the seller claims that it has been “totally restored top to bottom and front to back.” The motor now has + .040 pistons and a rebuilt original Bendix carb. Aftermarket parts include the muffler, shocks, dash, speedometer, ignition switch, mirrors, cables, and a few other small parts. It has apparently never been started after the reservation so right now it’s in “museum” mode and you’ll need to break it in if you want to enjoy it as Willie G intended.

Find this Super Glide for sale in Clinton, Michigan with bidding up to $17,400