30 Years New – 1982 Honda Z50 Tokyo LTD Monkey

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9-30 Update: After garnering no bids, the seller has relisted this Honda Z50. Find it here, though they high opening bid has stayed unchanged, for now.

The Honda Z50 is one of a popular series of bikes that actually started as a children’s ride at a Japanese amusement park. Eventually refined and put into mass production, the Z-bikes have earned the affectionate pet name of “Monkey” bikes because of how riders look on these tiny motorcycles. Many of our readers learned to ride on these bikes, but at Bike-urious, we’ve struggled to find one of the many that’s worth featuring…until today.

Honda Z50R - Left Side

Over the years, Honda released some choice limited editions of the Z50, including a “Golden” version and this Tokyo Limited edition, which featured chrome all over the place.

Honda Z50R - Gauges

This Honda Z50, despite its age, its basically brand new. The one (laughably minor) concern is that the rubber band holding down the plastic seat cover that came from the factory has broken. There’s not much else to say, because what can you say about a bike that’s only done 3 miles in 30 years? The photos tell the story – this bike is in incredible condition, and you’ll be paying quite a bit of money for the privilege of owning it.

Honda Z50R - Right Side

Find this Honda Z50 for sale here on eBay with an prodigious opening bid of $6,000 in Santa Ana, California.

Honda Z50R - Tank