2009 Triumph Bonneville 50th Anniversary

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Post-Sale Update: After 15 bids on eBay, this Triumph Bonneville 50th Anniversary sold for $7,151.

The Bonneville is one of the classic nameplates in motorcycling history. Inspired by the Bonneville Salt Flats where many a motorcyclist has aspired for top speed records, Triumph has produced three different runs of the Bonnie since 1959. As you’d expect form a bike that’s been around for this long, there have been several special editions, such as the Silver Jubilee that we’ve previously featured. Today we focus instead on the 50th Anniversary, of which only 650 were produced worldwide (less than 200 made it to the states).

Triumph Bonneville 50th Anniversary Edition - Front Right

Why only 650? That was the displacement of the original Bonneville, in cubic centimeters. Each Anniversary Edition also gets a brass plate on the handlebar clamp, a lovely orange and blue pain scheme inspired by the “Tangerine Dream” of the original Bonnie, and a few other cosmetic details like special decals and a chrome cam cover. Sadly, as has become the norm for special editions, the extra features don’t extend to the mechanical aspects.

Triumph Bonneville 50th Anniversary Edition - Left

This specific Triumph Bonneville 50th Anniversary Edition is in “mint condition”, according to the seller. With just 495 miles on the odometer, the seller should be correct. This is just one of those bikes where it’s new enough (in both years and usage) that there’s no real story to tell. This will make a Triumph aficionado (who’s probably already got a few of the British bikes in the garage) very happy.

Triumph Bonneville 50th Anniversary Edition - Plaque

Find this Triumph Bonneville 50th Anniversary Edition for sale here on eBay with bidding at $5,505 in Pelham, New Hampshire.