1969 Kawasaki Sidewinder 250 F4

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The Kawasaki Sidewinder was a dual sport geared towards the expanding trail riding market in America. Produced for only two years, it utilized the same 238cc engine found other Kawi off-roaders to save costs, and it came with DeCarbon rear shocks and quick detachable lights to help quickly switch from on to off-road.

Kawasaki Sidewinder - Right Side

You can consider the Sidewinder to be the dual-sport brother to the actual motocrosser, the Kawasaki F12M Green Streak. Producing 23 horsepower, the engine also featured rotary valves – parts are not too difficult to obtain.

Kawasaki Sidewinder - Left Side

This specific Kawasaki Sidewinder has just under 1500 miles, and is in surprisingly good, original condiiton. There’s some corrosion and pitting, but overall we’re quite pleased with the cosmetic condition of this bike that is on it’s way to turning 50. It, starts, runs, and drives, though this bike is so original that even the tires haven’t ever been replaced. Take care of those first, and keep the originals tucked away somewhere nice in your garage.

Kawasaki Sidewinder - Gauges

Find this Kawasaki Sidewinder here on Craigslist for $1,995 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Kawasaki Sidewinder - Engine

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