1969 Kawasaki Green Streak F21M

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Post-Sale Update: Yet again, the sale fell through on this bike.  It now seems to have been sold for $5,000.  We’ll see if it actually takes this time.

9/1 Update: This Kawasaki Green Streak has been relisted with a Buy-It-Now price of $7,800 here on eBay.

9/1 Update #2: Wow, and just and 5 hours later, this Kawasaki Green Streak sold for $7,800.

The Kawasaki Green Streak was the first mass produced race bike – and the first lime green motorcycle from the company now directly associated with this color. This two stroke, 238cc off-roader was produced between 1968 and 1970. It weighed just 215 pounds and produced a claimed output of 30 horsepower!

Kawasaki Green Streak F21M - Right Side

Introduced originaly in a burgundy color, Kawi switched to its quintessential green in 1969. This bike has stood the test of time, after intorducing the dirt biking world to Team Green. Every one who used to ride back in the day seems to have a personal anecdote about these bikes – we hope to hear some of yours! This bike was based on the Kawasaki F4, and also spawned off a 100cc little brother which was easily the fastest 100cc bike of the time.

Kawasaki Green Streak F21M - Engine

This specific Kawasaki Green Streak was restored nearly 20 years ago, and it seems nearly everything was taken care of at the time. Oddly enough, the seller has never even started the bike since he bought it, which is simply depressing. Ignoring how sad it is to own a bike and never ride it, it also calls into question how much work it will take to get this bike running now. The seller claims the engine has strong compression and a good spark – and you can see the cosmetics look pretty sharp.

Kawasaki Green Streak F21M - Left Side

Find this Kawasaki Green Streak for sale with a Buy-It-Now price of $8,100 in Chandler, Arizona . As a comparison, one of these sold at a Mid-America Auction two years ago for $7,500.